Love and Destiny – ep 44 – CDrama Recap

So we cut back to Shi San, taking the suggested long hike off a short pier–over to Medicine King Hall. Where Qing Yao is. She has a summons for Qing Yao from Jiu Chen. Qing Yao, however, keeps asking questions, such as, “Where is Jiu Chen?” and, “No, seriously, where’s Jiu Chen?”

AND THEN LORD FANG/SANGNAN SHOWS UP. He is home–because she brought him there! Shi San slinks off, because Yun Feng’s candle-lit two-person dinner in Fuyun Manor isn’t going to go anywhere. Lol, he launches into his speech when he hears the door open without looking. And, aw, it’s a long speech. And it’s Shi San who slides into view…wincing visibly. See, Qing Yao met an old friend on the way…

…So meanwhile at Medicine King Hall, the two are catching up. Turns out, Sangnan remained in the mortal world for fifty thousand years because he was waiting for Qing Yao (his mortal wife) again. He would have stayed there indefinitely if she hadn’t bumped into him again. And he’s got her comb/memento, still. He says: thank you for helping him pass the trial, he is very glad to see her again.

And Yun Feng is at the door. And Yuli spots him and comes over to twist the knife. Lol, I love Yuli when she’s not being terrible. But oh man, she twists that knife with both hands.

And Yun Feng, irate, launches off for Si Ming…

Who is hiding in Fuyun Hall. And sweeping, lol….Mightily confusing Shi San, who is used to being the pursuer, not the pursued. LOL HE SAYS THAT BEING AWAY FROM HER MAKES HIM FEEL MUCH LESS SECURE AND PROTECTED, can we BTW, close the doors? And windows? And find somewhere dark and [wince] quiet?

Shi San: ooooh, we wanna close the doors, huh?

Aaaaand Yun Feng storms in.

LOL, “Brothers are like limbs, women are like clothes. Which are more important?”
Yun Feng: “CLOTHES OF COURSE! It’d be embarassing to go outside naked!” SNERK.

Shi San does intervene, but without a whole lot of success.


Meanwhile, the old Earth God guy has also shown up at Lin Mo’s house. He’s there to see the young man living in the house…but he’ll come back later. When he’s been let in. Eh?

But at this point, Steward Song shows up in turn. And she invites them in to see Young Lord Song…oh boy. But Steward Song gets mad when he sees her living with an actual man…shamelessly! She needs to immediately go back with him and apologize to the Old Madam and the Master!

Jiu Chen doesn’t really have a good answer to all the questions Lin Mo has at this point. He just wants to protect her. “Lying to me is protecting me?” Well, has he ever hurt her? Well, he could! Well, he doesn’t want to, all he wants to do is stay with her and protect her, silly girl that she is.
Lin Mo says: it’s not your job, why do you want to!
Jiu Chen says: It’s cause I like you. Care about you. Pine for you. (Boy honestly does have got some game at this point.) But he’s been worried about her–worried that someone else would come in and take his place and she’d forget him.
Lin Mo says: when did you start to like me?
Jiu Chen says: A long time ago.
Lin Mo says: When we met?
Jiu Chen says: Before that….it’s enough that I remember. Don’t worry about it.
Lin Mo says: tell me everything, be honest, and I’ll consider forgiving you.
Jiu Chen says: Well, my name is Jiu Chen.

And, fortunately, the questions she comes up with after this are all answerable, but Jiu Chen chooses to kiss her instead. Which is a good way of avoiding the subject. D’aw, these guys are really good at kissing. Very picturesque. And this time Lin Mo even accepts a cuddle as well and smiles.

BUT SHE HASN’T GIVEN UP. LOL, she’s still interrogating him at dinner (and confiscating his food).


And then he stuns her and has to ask Antler Puppy for his opinion on women, LOOOOOL. Puppy thinks that he shouldn’t stun his girlfriend and then have to put her to bed to escape questions.

Outside, the Earth God guy kneels to pay him respects….ooooh, this is the guy who was in the mountain who got caught in the crossfire. Oh. Jiu Chen says: create an identity for me. You know a lot about mortals, and get me evidence of where I’ve lived, who my family is, etc.

Earth God says: any requests?
Jiu Chen [flashbacks to Aunty]:…I have to be rich, famous, well-set up, with a good family, a good match for marriage, and everything everyone else has. LOL BOY YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

So that morning, Lin Mo wakes up (with perfect hair and clothes, natch). Jiu Chen tells her they were just chatting and then she just fell asleep. But now he’s got paper proof, LOL. He’s from blah, his parents are dead, he has a grown up younger brother, he served in the military, his family has tea and salt trading. His family is rich and has assets, fields, shops, a HUGE mansion and servants. And he met her when he went out to visit a friend and fell in love at first sight. He’s not engaged but he is a very eligible prospect!

OH LOL LIN MO HAS BEEN LEAFING THROUGH THE PAPERS AND OFF TO ONE SIDE IS A “Female Servant/Concubine Contract” that Jiu Chen spots and panics and has to edge close and then SNATCH off the table before she gets to it. (If the boy eats it I’ll die happy.) She read it wrong! It’s not his! It’s his uncle’s! He’s going to give it back! [trips over bench]

Meanwhile back in Heaven, Lord Fang/Sangnan greets Yun Feng and Si Ming…and thanks them for helping him out with his trial! Sangnan throws shade like a champ, especially well since he probably doesn’t actually mean to.

Poor Si Ming heads off, feeling que sorry for himself.

Yun Feng, meanwhile, is trawling unsuccessfully for sympathy from Qing Yao. Qing Yao is reading her book and utterly ignoring him. Not ignoring him. (turning one’s back on someone pointedly counts as not ignoring, right?) Yun Feng eventually just snatches the book. But ends up spilling a bunch of presumably costly medicine stuff and recieving an icy QY glare (that turns into a smile when she has her back turned). But she says she’s on the way to Peach Forest…is he coming or not?

Back at the pharmacy, Lin Mo is having an unpleasant memory of Steward Song’s offended lecture. Doc Sun says she should rush home and go see her family, especially if Grandma is sick. And she’ll be perfectly safe if Lord Song is with her!

Fortunately, Lord Song/Jiu Chen is perfectly willing to go home with her. And, when she’s hesitating at the door, to tow her in by hand. Back at home, the servants are overjoyed to see Elder Miss…

Lin Mo has a little bit of a moment. And then Mom comes over to see her and is also having a cry.

So, Steward Song told them she was no longer deaf/mute…what else did he say?

And Grandma is doing better.

But at this point Mom notices the handsome guy in the background. She’s about to introduce him when Lil Sis intrudes, rudely. Mom sends Lin Mo off to see Grandma….and that’s…it. Ok.