Making Space Great Again (needs moar dakka, or something)

The United States Space Force has just revealed its new logo (distinctly underwhelming) and its new motto (bland, veering on the PC).


Yeah, how big was the committee that had to approve of that one?

Always Above, Always Faster, Always (to) the Stars
Semper Supra, Semper Citius, Semper Ad Astra

There, I fixed it for you.

OK, maybe that’s too long. How about just:

Supra, Citius, Ad Astra

But, y’know, they didn’t ask me.

Rough Draft snipp

From the car yesterday:

“Life and death is in their hands, not mine. Those who demand death will have it. Those who beg for life will have it. I will let them live stripped of their name, stripped of their rank, their flesh branded and their possessions gone. And for fighting-age men, their thumbs cut off. ”
“You force men to beg for this!”
“If they choose, I give them death and their honor restored instead.”
“…How do you make them die?”
“Men do not follow you for honor; they do it for blood. You are a savage, and you have none.”
“A subtle philosophical point that bears no weight to our current discussion. In any case, Perric is dead. I did not grudge him his wealth, or his method of gaining it, or his songs or his sharp tongue. His money paid the swords raised against me, and this I do not forgive. You speak well of him. He died well. He chose to burn.”
… [?]
“Would you burn?”
“What is honor? Women know nothing of it.”
“What do you know about love?”
“It is a weakness.”
“Perric’s wife died with him. She was a little woman. Green eyes. She had borne him sons. Perhaps she did think of them, as well–but it is a hard thing to watch a man burn, and Perric died first. What do you know of love?”
“Nothing. Nothing at all.”


Well, on the Invasive Pest Survey front, we have:

Yeah, none of these. (So far.) (Which is good.)

– Somewhat less than 471 traps checked.
– Zero positive hits and only one strong suspect. And that one wasn’t very strong; plumous antennae but no chevrons.)
– Three tree frogs
– One slug
– One mama cat and two kittens
– One raccoon
– One Site Manager who wanted to know what the heck was up with the car in his driveway
– Three missing traps
– Four Little Lending Libraries
– Some other stuff going on that might bear comment later.