Love and Destiny – ep 45 – CDrama Recap

So Lin Mo goes back to see Grandma. Grandma is in bed and has the grace to look happy about seeing her healed, beautiful, successful, and accomplished granddaughter. And she apologizes for not being good in the past, and pressuring him into trying to kill her. Man, when I write that out it sounds terrible. But Dad has been suffering, too, apparently.

And Grandma gives her a hug. Aw. Lin Mo takes her pulse and checks her prescription. The main issue is how upset Granny was, she’ll be fine if she starts being calmer.

Outside, Lil Sis asks: hey, what does that man who came back with you do? OH STOP MUMBLING, I’m not gonna steal him! (heh)

Turns out, the Song Family made an enormous fuss about the living together.Except, turns out, while the Song elders didn’t mind that much, the Young Lord Song did. LOL, Lil Sis says that she scolded him and drove him out, he had no right to talk like that. And don’t thank me! I didn’t do it for you! Now, about this guy you’ve brought home…Awww, Lil Sis. So blunt. I like you, too. (Now. A little.)

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is getting stared at by the maidservants. Awkward.

But Dad arrives. There’s a tearful reunion–they get to have some alone time, too. Dad has been worried sick about her, naturally. So they have a chat. Dad is totally willing to believe his daughter instead of the Song family…thanks, Dad. So. What does this guy do, exactly?

So finally that evening, Jiu Chen gets to meet with Dad.
Dad says: Lin Mo is going to be busy with her Granny, so how about we send the housekeeper to keep you entertained while you walk around outside and go see the views.
Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is drinking tea and swiveling between facing Dad and facing forward until Dad gets to the bit about, hey, what do you actually do?

Then, LOL, he SNATCHES the papers out of his sleeve and bundles them over, hehhhhh.

Fortunately, Dad doesn’t really care about these. And, also, call me Uncle Lin.

Jiu Chen, high god of the Nine Heavens, has to pause and reset his mind at this, snerk.  Dad has his doubts, because while Jiu Chen is (admittedly) a rich young master, and while Dad is only a poor government official, his daughter is THE BEST DAUGHTER. AWWW. Dad wants to know if Jiu Chen will take care of her properly and is willing to do what it takes to protect and be with her.

Oh Dad, if only you knew.

Meanwhile: Jingxiu is getting the report from Orc Commander. They are ready to open the black hole–everything is ready, except for the blood moon. Meanwhile, Rebel Rebel has been punished by the demon king for not finding Ling Xi. Orc Commander thinks that it’s ok, since Rebel is more focused on revenge/opening the black hole, than releasing the demon king. Also, they have all sussed out that Ling Xi has been sent to the mortal world to be purified through trials. Orc Commander thinks that this is a good thing. Jingxiu is conflicted.

Meanwhile back in Peach Forest, Yun Feng and Qing Yao are playing chess. QY is not like other women. She does not play music, and the only dancing she likes is when she sticks people with needles. Yun Feng starts to run off about his past adventures in the war…about the capture of a female doctor in the war…QY continues playing chess. And being obstinately reasonable about his story, LOL.

Yun Feng. Just Yun Feng. She already invited you home and hasn’t broken your legs yet. You should realize that this means she likes you! OH AWWWWW SHE KISSED HIM (on the cheek.) Oh my, Qing Yao is awesome when she’s icy, but she’s adorable when she smiles. Yun Feng has to slap himself, LOL.

Junior Fox Bro, naturally, has been eavesdropping. Not that it takes much with Yun Feng hooting about it, lol. There’s a bit of siblingly bickering, awwww, and congratulations. And then running away laughing.

But, oh no. Sangnan shows up with the order that Junior Bro’s house arrest is over. And then Qing Yao bumps straight into him. He’s still got lots of thoughts about the past and about love. QY says: I respect fate, I don’t believe in it. And while I loved you before, I have now moved on. We were both trapped by obsession for fity thousand years. Sangnan says: you have someone else?–well, I wish you well.

So back at home, Lin Mo and Jiu Chen are back at their home and seeing Antler Puppy. And, heh, Lin Mo says they have work to do, houses to clean, chickens to count, etc.

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Brother is walking, and Plant Fairy is following him. Until he threatens to pull her hair. Junior wants to go look for Ling Xi in the mortal world. Meanwhile, Yun Feng asks why the cute Plant Girl is upset? But she’s scared of Junior and doesn’t tell.

Oh, oops. Junior did go down to Earth–and he just spotted Lin Mo. And is following her. Making her nervous, heh. She pops up from behind a bush with a stick, heh. But he magics it out of the air. DUDE DID WE NOT WARN YOU! Lin Mo tells him that she knows someone who does magic better than him! Junior says: who, Jiu Chen? Lin Mo is nonplussed and suspicious. Junior realizes he made a mistake coming too close, says sorry, and leaves.

So Lin Mo wanders home and asks if Jiu Chen knows anyone named “Ling Xi”…with enough identifying detail for him to know it’s Junior Fox Bro. But Lin Mo keeps wondering who Ling Xi is…

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Junior admits what he’s done to Qing Yao. He didn’t say anything to her! He’s just upset at how she is now. What messy hair, you dolt, she has perfect hair! QY tells him that this is Ling Xi’s trial, they must not help her, they must wait and be patient for her to get through it. And how is Ling Xi? Junior is upset that she didn’t remember him at all. But it won’t be too much longer, right? Right? Hah, he says Jiu Chen is there and he won’t go back even if QY begs him to.

So, back at the Phoenix HQ in Exile, Jingxiu is giving the restorative pill to Priness Baoqing and healing her. So our cutest lil’ psycho will survive, I hope.

Back at home, Lin Mo is cleaning Jiu Chen’s room when she finds the little knot charm in his bed. He says someone gave it to him….which is an interesting thought to Lin Mo when combined with “Ling Xi is an old friend.”–and “I liked you from a long time ago,” and then the whole magic situation.

But they’re playing chess…and, uh oh. Si Ming shows up. He needs to see Jiu Chen, who is now thousand-yard-staring. It’s time. And Jiu Chen has to leave. Si Ming isn’t going to say what the trial is.–because this was Jiu Chen’s plan from the beginning and Si Ming is HELPING HIM, DO NOT INTERFERE! So Si Ming beats a fast retreat, while Jiu Chen and Lin Mo head out for a walk. Holding hands. Aw.

They go out by the river…

Jiu Chen says: life is like the sky, the sun will come out sooner or later as long as you keep moving forward and don’t give up. All the important things in life are important. Don’t give up on them and don’t give up on yourself. EVER.

Lin Mo says: hey, aren’t you going to be around to protect me?

Jiu Chen says: of course….but his face when she hugs him says he’s lying.