Mighty One, We Have Lost Us Another

Olivia de Havilland, the last of Golden Age Hollywood’s leading ladies, has passed on at the age of 104.

Dame Olivia was in many movies that are flat-out iconic–Melanie in Gone With the Wind, Marian in The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Arabella, paramour of the deathless Captain Blood would be examples most notable to us nerds–but she was great in almost everything she put her mind to. Some of my favorites are Hermia in the theatrical but hilarious A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a tough farmer in The Proud Rebel, put-upon bride to the philandering Robert Mitchum in Not as a Stranger, and the timid heiress of The Heiress among them.

While everyone always raves about sexy femme fatales, de Havilland apparently once remarked that she preferred playing “good” girls instead–as it was more difficult and rewarding to give these characters nuance and expression.

God rest your soul, Lady.

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