Love and Destiny – Ep 46 – Recap

So they stayed out late and Jiu Chen is having to piggyback Lin Mo home. She’s not afraid of anything as long as he’s there with her. But that night he’s watching her sleep. He kisses her forehead and promises to wait for her– “Ling Xi, I will wait for you.”–and then poofs out. Oh, oh boy. Ghosting your girlfriend is not cool.

So Lin Mo discovers he’s gone, is despondent at work, rushes home that evening, finds he’s still gone and only Antler Puppy remains. But she’s a heroine and makes sure the puppy gets fed. Jiu Chen is watching, but Si Ming reminds him: [both fingers on lips] heh.

Meanwhile, Baoqing is resting. Jingxiu is heading off again, despite having used a lot of energy. He pauses at the door and looks back, but says nothing. Whatever you’re gonna do, don’t kill your lil’ psycho sister’s love interest.

Meanwhile, Lin Mo is still cooking two peoples’ worth of meals and running out in the rain when she hears the gates bang open. Doc Sun and Aunty are being extra considerate of her for this reason. And, oh man, Lin Mo goes home and instead of shutting the gates, turns around and opens them wide.

Jiu Chen is on station at Si Ming Hall, watching events and refusing to leave. Or have tea.

Lin Mo is setting out to look for him. Oh boy. She leaves Antler Puppy behind. Oh, and she has a cough now. Also, no one knows where “Taiping Prefecture” is. LOL Jiu Chen sprints out of the Si Ming Hall.

That evening, it’s raining and Lin Mo has to beg shelter at the government official station. The guy won’t let her in, but does sends her to the shed for shelter. So she falls asleep huddled up on some grain sacks and Jiu Chen poofs in. Dude….

She wakes up and he’s trying to leave, but she catches him. Why did he come back? Why did he leave? What does he have to say to her? Is it become of the woman named Ling Xi?–the woman you like who looks like me? Have you ever sincerely liked me?

Jiu Chen just hugs her and says sorry. Hah, and gets her a room inside the station with a nice bed and all. DUDE YOU ARE INTERFERING. THIS IS NOT GOOD! Well, at least she still has the cough. So when Jiu Chen goes down to get her some food, Si Ming poofs in: You are interfering. You will interfere when she does have the actual trial. Oh, she’s going to get sick and die on her birthday. OH NO HER BIRTHDAY IS THE BLOOD MOON.

Jiu Chen wants to know if she’ll be in pain during the trial….it’s the death trial. She’s going to be in severe pain and also going to look terrible. The third trial, Si Ming doesn’t want to say, but it’s the trial that happens after the death trial, BUT! As long as Jiu Chen DOES NOT INTERFERE IT’LL BE FINE.

(Screaming from upstairs). The demon-suppressant tattoo is hurting. Jiu Chen CAN’T help. So he doesn’t. He just tells her that nothing’s wrong with her, she’s just sick. Lin Mo doesn’t want to go home to her parents, she wants to go home to her home.

But, OH NO. The demon king has found her for sure. And so does Rebel Rebel, now, it seems.

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is practicing with the dark energy orb and having no success with that, either. She’s even gotten blood on her boots. She’s wondering if the anti-darkness pills that Qing Yao gave her are contaminated…Yuan Tong, if you redeem yourself by dying nobly, I will forgive you. Because I don’t believe for a minute that Qing Yao would stoop that low.

Meanwhile back at home, Jiu Chen is trying to feed Lin Mo soup, but she has no appetite. He wants to go buy food. She just tells him to go get Doc Sun. But also, don’t leave. He leaves Antler Puppy to take care of her and heads out. Lin Mo tries to eat something, but…can’t. Can she just not taste anything?

So the guys find her sobbing ( and, ew, drooling a little from coughing up the food. That’s genuine quality acting there) in the kitchen. Doc Sun has no idea, naturally. Lin Mo tells Jiu Chen to go out and rest, so she can sleep. He tucks her in (aw) and goes out.

Lin Mo has trouble sleeping, though, since the demon tattoo is flaring up.

AND THEN JINGXIU POOFS IN. He wants to grab her and run. OH NO HE’S GOING TO SPILL THE BEANS?! He insists that she go with him, but then they find Jiu Chen outside.

Jingxiu spills the beans, he says that Jiu Chen is going to kill her.

Jiu Chen says: I’m going to save you.

Jingxiu says: Save her, or save Ling Xi?

And, there’s no answer to that, so they fight. Semi-injured Jingxiu is not a match for god of war Jiu Chen, and anyhow, Lin Mo has loads of questions at this point. See, dude, if you had just kept away….because now she knows that she’s really dying. And if she dies, Ling Xi comes back. And Jingxiu doesn’t know Ling Xi or care: he just knows Lin Mo. (Also, needs the demon king to stay alive?)

And Lin Mo starts coughing up loads of blood at this point.

Jiu Chen promises: no matter who comes today, no one is taking my MoMo away.

AAAAAaaaaand then Rebel Rebel arrives. Guys, this is some major interference in the destiny of a mortal. BUT JIU CHEN CAN’T AFFORD TO FIGHT TOO MUCH HIS HEART WILL GIVE OUT! OH NO, and Jingxiu poofs out with Lin Mo while he’s occupied–and then he collapses.

Si Ming rushes in–he’s about to die, it was too much for the Fire Essence. Jiu Chen says: call in Yun Feng and rescue Lin Mo! There are only four more days (thud).

Jingxiu is cuddling Lin Mo by the side of a road somewhere, trying to heal her. Dude….

OH, she’s lost her sight. The plan is still working, I think. Please let her just die the way she needs to…did she just die?

Well that was fast.

Jingxiu is left ranting at the heavens. He now has another cause for vengeance, now that his only love has been taken away from him. OH NO HE’S GOING TO HEAL HER WITH HIS OWN LIFE NOOOOO DUDE STOPPPPPPPP. DUUUUUUUUUUDE.