Love and Destiny – ep 47 – Recap

So, back at Black Hole Mountain Central, Student Rebel is helping Rebel Rebel stagger up to the black hole itself. Demon King wonders why he’s hurt this badly. I’m wondering why he’s not DEAD already. But he gets sucked into the hole to be healed. Student realizes that his father has been absorbing demon energy this whole time, duh kid. And Rebel comes back out, smug and whole.

Back at the HQ, Yuan Tong is in real pain, it seems. I’m NOT going to say poor girl, because she did bring it on herself. But her Fiance is very upset when he sees her spitting up more blood. He wants her to take the pills, but she won’t. Also, he’s supposed to be somewhere else entirely. But he’s willing to help.

Rebel has one last chance to go get Ling Xi from Jingxiu. There’s only three more days. Oh, ok. Releasing the demon king comes in two steps: open the portal, and then open the netherworld gates.

Yuan Tong’s Fiance helps her heal, but also tells her to knock off the dark energy techniques. They recieve the report that there’s been a huge surge in demon energy. She’s going in to investigate, but Fiance says: don’t, just report it.
She says, sure. Eventually. But I do need to know what’s happening.
He says: it’s ok for you to be reckless, but what about your soldiers?
OH BOY. She gives HER PILLS to the men. Yuan Tong, I don’t like you any more again (even if I do trust Qing Yao.)

Meanwhile at Peach Blossom Forest, Yun Feng is lounging around with Qing Yao and trash-talking Junior Fox Bro. QY tells him to put up or shut up. Anyhow, they’re having a nice moment together, and when QY falls alseep Yun Feng picks her up to put her to bed. Naturally, that’s when she wakes up. But hey, Yun Feng is not going to let go once he’s managed to get his hands on her. Also, she’s not allowed to hit him anymore! Aaaaand he’s leaning in for a kiss, which is when Si Ming manages to show up. Perfect timing, heh. Qing Yao is left to grin to herself once he’s gone.

But, back to business. They need to heal Jiu Chen first off. They get him to at least wake up, but he’s dead-set on going to get Ling Xi. But Teacher arrives and won’t let it happen. And Teacher is going to destroy the McGuffin which is storing her soul if she doesn’t pass the test. And Teacher thinks that she hasn’t passed the test and wants to live and die as a mortal. He orders Jiu Chen to stay and wait.–and Si Ming is the one who will be set to guard him and will answer to Teacher if anything happens, Jiu Chen begging or not.

Si Ming says: Ling Xi will be all right.

Yun Feng has to go with Teacher, meanwhile. Teacher says: go to the black hole mountain.

Teacher promised three more days and he’s going to make damn sure that she gets three days. Well, that’s fair at least. Yun Feng must make sure that she does not get anywhere close to the demon king. Guard the gate, then, and don’t pay attention to anything else.

Oh, OK. I didn’t finish this episode yesterday.
So at the black hole, Student wants to know how Rebel is doing. Rebel assigns him to go capture Ling Xi within three days. Student says….please reconsider. They already have their revenge–releasing the demon king means destroying the world. And what would be the point of ruling a destroyed world?
Rebel Rebel says: are you questioning me?
Student says: don’t do something you’ll regret! Dude, that’s not a good thing to say to a guy who sacrificed his own soul to become a demon and take revenge.
And Rebel says as much. Do what you are told….and don’t get in my way. Son.

Back at the patrol: Yuan Tong is leading her men. The demon miasma is very strong. They don’t dare advance any further–they need to report in.

Yuan Tong says: how long have I led you?–and, after fifty thousand years–don’t you trust me? And she addresses the troops: apologizing to them for their fall, and thanking them for following her.

She is willing to, if this falls through, burn in hell to atone for her sins.
But then she asks if they took the pills she gave them….and says that anyone who disobeys will be executed. Yuan Tong. You do not have the right to stand there with sadface.

So the men march forward, get attacked by black mist and demonized–while she stands there, and then draws her sword. YUAN TONG YOU BITCH.

Yun Feng is en route and sees the black smoke…Yuan Tong is on the last few soldiers. The girl has an excellent sense of timing, as always. Yun Feng has questions, but, given Yuan Tong’s talent for manipulating the situation, it’s likely she’ll twist the answer to her own satisfaction. Oh screw this girl.

Meanwhile, turns out that Rebel and Student were both watching.–see how much value Heaven has for human life and righteousness? Student is conflicted.

Back at the Phoenix HQ, Jingxiu is asking: how can I protect her after the demon army floods into the realm? Lieutenant says: we planned for this, remember? We’re ready. Also, Princess Baoqing is doing better. Also…why not help Miss Lin Mo to pass her trial and be purified? And why the hell did you bind your lives together? You’re going to feel her pain and it’s going to shorten your life.

Lin Mo is still asleep, too–dreaming of herself, of her parents and family. Oh, is she imagining meeting Ling Xi? Everyone in her life is there to meet Ling Xi–including Jiu Chen–and ignores Lin Mo. Aw. Jingxiu comes in to check on her. He wants her to understand! She’s Lin Mo! He loves Lin Mo! Screw Ling Xi! Screw Ling Xi…

Jiu Chen, on the other hand, is remembering Ling Xi and being really sad. Which is when Si Ming arrives–summons from the Emperor.

Yun Feng is trying to defend Qing Yao from the accusation that her pills were tampered with. Fuck you, Yuan Tong. Qing Yao looks calm, but she always does…uh oh. UH OH. The god who looks at them says they are weaker. But the Medicine God did examine them and say they were good! Also, Qing Yao wouldn’t do that!

Yuan Tong turns on the waterworks. Sure, she killed Medicine Dad, but what about all these soldiers?! Why did they have to die?! OH FUCK YOU YUAN TONG. How dare you lecture Qing Yao. HOW DARE YOU ASK FOR JUSTICE FOR THOSE MEN!

Thunder, with his usual reasonableness, pops up and asks for Qing Yao to be punished severely.

Which is when Jiu Chen arrives. He asks why the patrol went that far into the mountains? It wasn’t her job to go in. Why did she? Also, what happened to the recording device (that she switched off.) Also, how did she not realize that the medicine was different during all the times she used it beforehand?

Also, why did she not take any of her own pills when she also gave them to the men?
Thunder says: the problem still starts with the pills, not with Yuan Tong. (NO, IT DOESN’T).
Jiu Chen says: there’s a root and a stem. Can you find what the root actually is?
Thunder says: You’re trying to defend Qing Yao because she’s related to Ling Xi.
Jiu Chen says: Did you just say that out loud?
Thunder almost spills the beans about what he knows of the plan, before the Emperor shuts him up.

Qing Yao, at this point, has had enough. She admits that she made the mistake (She’s lying, I know she’s lying.)–and asks for punishment.
Yun Feng asks for mercy!
Jiu Chen says: dude, we haven’t finished investigating yet.
The Emperor says: take QY to the punishment place and we’ll keep investigating.
Jiu Chen is watching Yuan Tong–who has the triumphant glare.

Outside, Si Ming asks if QY will be OK. Nope. Even if Yuan Tong is proved to have deliberately created the situation, QY admitted an enormous crime and is going to suffer the consequences.
Jiu Chen says: he’s going to the black hole mountain–you make sure Yun Feng doesn’t do anything stupid.

Which, hopefully he won’t. He’s gone over to see Qing Yao at the punishment place. But she’s resigned: she hurt innocent people and should suffer the consequences. Also, it’s not possible to escape.

QING YAO OH YOU IDIOT SHE REALLY DID MAKE THE PILLS WEAKER. OH SCREW YOU QING YAO I TRUSTED YOU. But at least she’s honestly regretful and willing to suffer the honest punishment. See, this is the difference between good people who make a mistake, and bad ones.

Yun Feng is having a breakdown. He wants to go fetch Jiu Chen to try and save her. Off he goes.