Love and Destiny – ep 48 – CDrama Recap

Man, I was reluctant to start this up again, because I’m getting scared.

Meanwhile at the black hole, Jiu Chen is there, and then Yuan Tong walks up behind him. She has something he’s looking for–the water moon cauldron that can repair anything and belongs to Ling Xi. It’s broken. Aaaand then she smashes it some more.

Yuan Tong, explains Yuan Tong, did everything to get closer to Jiu Chen and is very upset that he treats her like this. What, like the time you tried to frame him for mass murder? Like the time you shoved his girlfriend into a deadly river?

Like killing all those people?

Yuan Tong says: you BELIEVE I killed them, don’t you! And, even if I didn’t, someone would have. Also, my pills were tampered with. But more importantly, did you ever worry about MY safety? You’re only ever worried about your girlfriend! Never MEEEE?!

Jiu Chen says: Talk won’t ever change the fact that you have repeatedly commited evil.

Yuan Tong says: Words? Words like saying that my clan had an honorable death? You like words like that–don’t you?

Jiu Chen says: we can fix things when Ling Xi comes back, but Qing Yao is still going to suffer consequences. Passing the blame can’t work when she did it purposely and for personal gain.

So Yun Feng strides through Heaven to the great palace. He’s…oh. Confessing that he knew about it from the beginning and asking to take her punishment–since QY, who has a long good record, acted out of grief and anger, while he merely ignored the matter. The Emperor is not particularly happy to hear this.

Back at Phoenix HQ, Lin Mo is up now when Jingxiu comes by to check on her. She wants to know who Jiu Chen is and who Ling Xi is. He’s the wrong person to ask, because he does not want to give up his Lin Mo. He gives her a rundown, as much as he knows.–reassuring her that Ling Xi was a good person and loved Jiu Chen. Who personally killed her, because killing demons is his duty. Because Ling Xi was the hope of the demon tribe. So Jiu Chen KILLED HER! Don’t fall in love with Jiu Chen Lin Mo! Also, he explains that Lin Mo is Ling Xi’s trial–which is why her life is painful and she is going to die.


Lin Mo says: my life was all arranged? Forcing my father to try to kill me was arranged? Being born deaf was arranged? Jiu Chen coming to me was just to wait for me to die?


Lin Mo says: Well, what about you, Jingxiu? Were you here for Ling Xi, too?

Jingxiu says: No. I’m here for Lin Mo. Lin Mo was good to me. She’s a wonderful person. Smart and adorable. And you can cook really well. I like being with you. No matter if you’re god or demon, I like Lin Mo. And I’ll protect you. I will never let you die.


So Qing Yao is being flogged at the punishment place. Thunder then announces she is free to go…because of her good record and also because Yun Feng confessed. Oh, ouch, she lost half her powers. And also, two hundred lashes. Yun Feng left her the broken…is that the mirror or the cauldron?

Yun Feng is…somewhere else, having his sentence read. Because of his rank and merit, he’s going to be sealed for one thousand years and struck by lightning twice a day. No pardons.

He says: Bless the Emperor! Man, I hate Chinese Heaven. It SUCKS.

So Yun Feng is kneeling on a cliff being turned to stone. Qing Yao is not there in time to say goodbye. Jiu Chen and Si Ming also poof in too late and find QY sobbing next to the statue. She begs Jiu Chen, but it can’t be undone.

Si Ming says: Yun Feng wouldn’t like you to be like this. But she’s going off to go see the Emperor (again.) SHEESH GIRL.

Jiu Chen has his own thoughts for his lil’ brother. But he keeps them to himself and just has a moment.

Meanwhile in Occupied Phoenix HQ, Student Rebel is remembering his time with the old Oracle. The old guy told him that power is nothing without virtue, and virtue is both kindness and not doing evil. So Student makes a decision. He breaks through the orcs–and he’s trying to heal Phoenix Queen.

She wakes up. He tells her he must flee now.

Phoenix Queen doesn’t want to go, but he’s holding off the guards at the door. But then she manages to go outside…she’s very woozy. Orc Commander spots her, but, heh, Orc Commander is the best person to do so. He follows her and there’s a fight–oh, wait, he does want to keep her? He and more of the ninjas manage to knock her down and then they ask her to surrender.

Oh NO, she throws herself into the black hole thingy–which is the thingy her father is in and that Jingxiu wants to open.

So. To open the black hole, they don’t necessarily need the Phoenix Queen, they just need an item of great evil.–the little needle thingy that Yuan Tong’s brother (demonized) used to use! PFFFFFT. Also, poor Student is imprisoned, but Orc Commander talks Rebel out of killing him right off.

The news gets to Jingxiu fast.–the Assassin Nail is in the Merit Hall of the Yuan Clan. Also, HuaYan is Jingxiu’s pupil and he tells her to fetch it.

Meanwhile, down in the black hole hell, Phoenix Queen is lying unconscious and a guy staggers over to her. Is this her evil father?

Back at the Heaven Palace, Qing Yao has been kneeling in request of an audience for a whole day. Lord Baishan tells her to be reasonable. They’ve both been punished, and one thousand years isn’t all that long.–don’t waste both their efforts! QY sniffles her way back out to the statue.

She says: hey, are you happy now that I owe you a huge favor?…you must be so bored in there. So she settles down to tell him a story. Aww. It’s the same story he tried telling her before, from the “captive female doctor”‘s point of view. She promises to wait for him.

Back in Black Hole Hell, the guy who is potentially the evil king, is using magic on Phoenix Queen, and then cackles. I do not trust this guy AT ALL. Yep, it’s her father….and he yells at her for not calling him “Lord and Father.” Heh, he’s going out of his way to remind us why people hate him enough to pull him out of the black hole hell and kill him all over again.

Phoenix Queen glares at him–and he asks why she’s giving him attitude. Well, because he killed her husband, took away her child, and harmed the rest of her family, to start with.

Yeah?! Well, he’s her father and he sired and raised her, gave her position, status, power, and she just threw it all away on a MAN. And now he’s going to destroy her. Well, it’s OK, because she hates him anyway, right? RIGHT?! (the “feel sorry for your tormented dad in hell”….((after you killed him because he was an abusive monster)) vibes are sooooo strong.)

And then he turns around and fights off some kind of smoke dragon and staggers off. Random, but ok.

Meanwhile, at the Yuan Merit Hall, Yuan Tong’s Fiance has just about had enough. He demands to know if she killed the men.–and does she dare lie to him?

Yuan Tong asks: are you going to expose me?

He says: I overlooked it when you framed Qing Yao the first time because you were out of your mind with grief. But how can you kill your own men?!

Yuan Tong says: THEY SHARED MY FATE FOR FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS, THEY NOW HELP ME OUT WHEN I NEED THEM. I mean, it’s a good death, isn’t it? I’m merely a little tiffed that Yun Feng managed to save Qing Yao’s life. But I’ll get her next time.

Fiance: …why is this happening?

Yuan Tong: Maybe it’s because my mother died. Or maybe it’s because you stopped me from going to be with Jiu Chen.

Fiance: Oh, so it’s my fault?

Yuan Tong: Sure, put it that way. And, anyhow, get lost. I’m tired of you.

Poor Fiance is honestly stricken. Now. Is he going to do the right thing? Probably not, because he just wanders slowly out.

Back in the Black Hole Hell, Phoenix Queen asks what the heck was up with that. So. This is an imprisonment place, very close to the gates of Hell. People lose their minds sooner or later…

Phoenix Queen asks: …what do you mean–the gates of Hell?!

END EPISODE. I am not starting another one because I don’t have enough time and am not going to leave off half-way through it. This is nerve-wracking.