Pancakes and eggs

You know it’s kind of a bad day when the title of this post is the mantra that keeps you going while the minutes tick down.

Still, today we got:

~ 30ish traps
– 200 miles exactly
– 1 very good doggy
– 1 skink
– 1 anthill and approximately two dozen giant tree ants, argh
– 2 fawns
– 3 German Shepherds
– 1 Husky, possibly
– 1 1/2 EFAPs (#95 and #96)
– 1 I Could Swear That Was My Old Equine Physiology Professor at the gas station but on the other hand all those old guys with mustaches look kind of alike really and what would he be doing in [Redacted]?
– 1 Quest Protein Bar (S’Mores flavor)
– 125 milligrams of caffeine

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