Love and Destiny – ep 51 – CDrama Recap

So this is episode 51! The heroine has returned and been recognized and reunited and pardoned, etc. I am terribly excited about this and also rather worried. We have ten more episodes to go and I don’t know how much plot is going to get stuffed into that amount of time.

So back at Fuyun Hall, everyone is assembled. What, wait, still no kiss?

Si Ming hustles an exuberant Shi San out. The other guys make their bows and also hasten out. So! Recommence the staring. Also, Jiu Chen is back to giving Ling Xi orders…that’s a habit the boy is going to have to give up. Ling Xi remarks that he has a heartbeat now and they go in for a cuddle. Still, I will point out, with no kiss.

Outside, Shi San is fussing over the lack of Ling Xi. Meanwhile, HuaYan asks: so what happened to Jingxiu if he gave her his life? The military bro says, well obviously he was terribly injured.

HuaYan says: well, he must like her a lot if he gave her his actual life.
Bro 1 says: yeah, you must be right.
Bro 2 says: Too bad for him, then.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is back in his Phoenix palace, playing with his guitar. Lieutenant, Orc Commander, and a doctor have come. They’ve defeated Rebel’s men except for a few remnants, the black hole abyss is closed, and the Queen is still unconscious. They need leadership right now, sir, please…

Also, since the demon king is dead, Lin Mo successfully became Ling Xi, Orc Commander points out. This is the only thing that brings Jingxiu back to life. He realizes that she must be in Heaven…but then…why didn’t she come back?! It’s Jiu Chen’s doing!

Outside, Lieutenant and Orc Commander have a conference. But they figure he’ll be ok once he figures things out. The main thing right now is Phoenix Queen–they will be in grave danger if she wakes up.

Meanwhile–AHA, Princess Baoqing is vindicated. She did not kill the old lady who was taking the message to the other tribe. (Her being the psycho she is, I was rather worried.) Phoenix Queen may or may not wake up, and her energy is being sustained by medicine. Right now, BTW, Jingxiu is covered in glory for having killed Rebel and “rescued” Phoenix Queen.

Meanwhile, back at Fuyun Hall, Ling Xi is dreaming and remembering Lin Mo’s last words…Jiu Chen knocks on her door. But then Shi San wanders up. She’s asleep? What does the boss want to do in Ling Xi’s room? (Jiu Chen: stares.) Shi San retreats.

He’s got midnight snacks–but Ling Xi is not hungry. Being a high god means you can absorb energy from the sunlight, but this medicine is good for her anyway. Ling Xi spoons it up, but she won’t let Jiu Chen touch her right now….also, she’s kicking him out again.

Meanwhile, at the punishment place, Yuan Tong is being tortured/interrogated. OH MY GOSH SHE IS STILL NOT BEING EXECUTED. Just stripped of all powers and banished to the mortal world. The god tells her to be good and not repeat her mistakes in the mortal world.

Yuan Tong: glares.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is staring out at the power-draining pool. Ling Xi comes up to chat. He asks her to call him Jiu Chen, like she used to.
She says: that was Lin Mo, who did not know the rules.
Jiu Chen says: Do we need rules between us?–you’re leaving.
Ling Xi says: I need to go see my mother. I want to be with her, the way I never was.
Jiu Chen says: ….will you come back? Or, can I visit you?
Ling Xi says: Don’t bother. It’s too hard on you to be with me. OH MY GOSH GIRL.
Jiu Chen says: …what?
Ling Xi says: I’m both Lin Mo and Ling Xi. I’ve had a long, hard ninteen years, and I need some time here. Anyway, love is not the only thing. We also have responsibilities and duties. I must go and be filial to my mother, since I don’t have a father anymore. So yes, I’m leaving.

So Jiu Chen walks her to the gateway. Poor guy is visibly sad beneath his stoic face. Oh, harsh. Ling Xi takes of without kissing him good-bye.

Meanwhile, Baoqing has arrived at the palace. She wants to know how her mother is, and how Brother Jingxiu is. She goes over to see Jingxiu. She’s going to have to join the line–he’s got about fifty people who want to see the State Advisor, but Lieutenant is holding them off, lol. (They’re also not particularly happy that Orc Commander is suddenly a model subject and in charge of the army.) They need leadership!

Inside, Orc Commander notes that this sudden loyalty to the state and faith in Jingxiu is a rather recent attitude…he’s still of the opinion they should kill the Queen. Which is the smart move. He also points out that Jingxiu is not dealing with his trials very well: just one setback and he’s staggering, and allowing everything to slip through his fingers. Also, Ling Xi is the true princess, and going to come by sooner or later.

The ministers are about to force their way in–swords are drawn–and then Baoqing arrives. She scolds the ministers.

Inside, Jingxiu is doing something with his third eye? His life bead? He puts it back into the place with his vine magic? Huh? He’s decided to do as Orc Commander wanted–wait for Ling Xi. Meanwhile, there’s a flash of light inside, and everyone outside says: woah, that looks like high god magic. Oh, cool, he ascended. Now be nice to your nice lil’ psycho sister.

Heh, the oh so loyal ministers are the last ones to congratulate him. But, awwww, he ignores Baoqing and doesn’t let her come to the conference. Also, he’s got some evil shoulderpads going now. Dangit Jingxui don’t go all evil chancellor on us! You’re too handsome! I mean, noble and good-hearted! And you’ve done SO WELL so far!

But meanwhile, the Old Lady won’t let Jingxiu come in to see the Queen. She also dismisses him with elaborate politeness. Jingxiu merely says that if he wants to go in, who’s going to stop him? Fortunately, at this point the message arrives that Ling Xi has arrived.

Jingxiu looks very cute and also rather evil (the tattooed eyeliner) when he rushes over to see her. But, while she smiles and agrees that she’s back, she calls him State Advisor. And then everyone else catches up so he has to behave more formally: this is Phoenix Queen’s daughter, our princess, Ling Xi. Everyone kneels and salutes. (What about Baoqing?!)

Jingxiu explains that there are multiple layers of injury operating on the Queen. And, no, it is not Ling Xi’s fault it happened, Sheesh.

So outside, a report: Lieutenant says that the people must be running pretty scared. Also, Orc Commander is right–Phoenix Queen will figure things out very quickly and is dangerous to them. What do they do? But, Jingxiu doesn’t want to kill Ling Xi’s mother. No killing the Phoenix Queen! Just keep her unconscious, if necessary.

Back at the Heaven Palace, the Emperor is congratulating Jiu Chen…he worked hard and his wish is fulfilled. By the way, where is Ling Xi?–oh, ok, right. By the way, the Phoenix Queen is still unconscious right now, I heard. Good thing, though, they still have Advisor Jingxiu, right? What a great guy, Jingxiu. [Stare.] [stare.]

Jiu Chen goes out and asks for a report on the Phoenix Tribe. Everything looks peachy, except for the appointment of Orc Commander to the royal guard. Ling Xi is in the palace with her mother and hasn’t been seen. Also, Jingxiu has ascended to high god, or so it is said.

Jiu Chen doesn’t doubt this, and says: continue reading.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is meeting with the doctor and Lieutenant. The poor doctor is getting the third degree. Jingxiu wants her to agree that the Queen’s soul has gone off somewhere else. So, basically: no more stimulants–only sedatives from now on.

OH MY GOSH YUAN TONG IS STILL AROUND OH GOSH WHYYYYYYYY. She’s telling Thunder about some fairy stealing the magic Needle. Thunder already knows and already is investigating.

WHY IS YUAN TONG NOT YET GONE AND DEAD?! She’s stalling hard. She says: surely the demon king is not yet dead! Ling Xi is still around! She’s such a witch who pretends and beguiles people!

Ah, awesome. Thunder tells her to shut the hell up, she is STILL persisting in the wrong. No, he doesn’t like Jiu Chen and no he doesn’t like Ling Xi, but it’s not a selfish dislike–he’s trying to do his job. And he TEARS into Yuan Tong for what she’s done, for purely and utterly selfish reasons. What is being a demon? Evil thoughts, evil desires, no conscience, and harming others is being a demon. And Yuan Tong isn’t even grateful that she’ been shown enormous mercy!

(Yuan Tong isn’t even impressed by this lecture.)

Lol, Thunder wore himself out yelling at her. But at least she’s being immediately sent to the mortal realm. FINALLY. I wonder how she’s going to cause trouble from there, the way her glaring says she’s planning to…

2 thoughts on “Love and Destiny – ep 51 – CDrama Recap

  1. It feels like yuan tong keeps getting off so easy. I mean how many more does she have to kill to get a real punishment. I think thunder gods expressions are hilarious. He’s been so annoying but least he’s not a bad person. He literally is just doing his job. No wonder he’s not married hahaha I would be so annoyed with his continuous nagging and obsession for jc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EXACTLY. At first I thought Yuan Tong could be redeemed but as the series wore on I just wanted her to die painfully AND STOP MAKING TROUBLE FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Gah. She’s so annoying.

      Thunder God: lol. But what if he was actually henpecked and his wife is even worse than him….. 😉 😀


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