Love and Destiny – ep 52 – CDrama Recap

So Si Ming is pestering Jiu Chen: please either take me with you or tell Shi San to stay away from me. AHAHA, SHE PROPOSED TO HIM. Lol, she’s in his hall and he doesn’t dare go back. Anyhow, they wander past the bloody Yuan Tong as she’s being escorted out. Jiu Chen just keeps walking vaguely, but Yuan Tong looks stricken. Kid, the last time you met as you were being punished he said he wanted to kill you himself, what do you think he’s gonna do?

So at the gateway, her Fiance is waiting. Military Bro says: Yuan Tong, there’s still someone in this universe who likes you. Don’t you feel lucky? Yuan Tong steels herself for a minute, and then does her best to walk past Fiance without pausing. She does pause, but she doesn’t look at him or say anything. Poor guy.

Meanwhile at the Phoenix Palace, Ling Xi is keeping vigil by her mother. Where is Princess Baoqing?!

The attendants tell her to take a break and send her off to a very nice guest room….Jingxiu arrives to make a fuss over things. Also, he’s got food and a couple trays of jewelry. So they have tea, and Ling Xi treats him much the same way she was treating Jiu Chen: with politeness and affection, but nothing really more.

Aw, you liar. He reassures her that her mother is going to wake up. WHERE IS BAOQING?! He also assures her that he is ready to be a loyal advisor and take care of her!

So meanwhile, poor princess Baoqing is waiting somewhere alone and getting frustrated and angry. She goes storming off. And immediately insults Ling Xi. Don’t be jealous Baoqing, it’s not princessly.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen goes off to visit Yun Feng’s statue, and finds Qing Yao keeping it company. Aw, he asks if he’s doing well. He’s also able to reassure her that Yun Feng got used to being beaten by Teacher, so two lightning strikes a day are nothing. Meanwhile, he may not be really happy that Qing Yao is punishing herself every day, she ought to take care of herself.–if she wants to show real repentance, she should put her medicine skills to use and help actual people. Also, she’s a smart person and didn’t need him telling her to figure that out.

Jiu Chen says: he’s also missing Yun Feng–it’s too quiet now.
Qing Yao says: Have you seen Ling Xi?
Jiu Chen says: She’s different now. She’s both people now–Ling Xi and Lin Mo.
Qing Yao says: I was really confused when I returned from my trial, too. I missed my mortal parents and family. Mortal life is so vivid and it makes such a strong impression–unlike life in Heaven. But life in Heaven is good, too, as long as you are sincere about it.
Jiu Chen says: ….So I should just wait a while?
Qing Yao says: If you can’t stand it, do you think Ling Xi can? You need to be proactive here, dude.
Jiu Chen: noble, distant, chin-lifted stare. OH BOY HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Meanwhile at the Phoenix Realm, Student Rebel is still locked in his cage. Lieutenant comes by to see him. Aw, you know, it’s pretty awesome how Jingxiu’s people adore him. But anyhow, they left Student alive because he was good to Baoqing. But he hasn’t been sentenced yet. (Student is not impressed.)

But meanwhile, Baoqing is being a brat to Ling Xi and blocking her from seeing her mother. Heh, one of the maidservants says Baoqing is like that, please don’t stoop to her level. Also meanwhile, Ling Xi is visiting with Antler Wolf, who is the best antler wolf ever.

Jingxiu comes by with a medical book for Ling Xi. Yes, but are you still being nice to your Lil Psycho Sister? Ling Xi admits that she was always lazy about learning medicine and cultivation before she went to the mortal world. Jingxiu takes the book back and tells her that she can live peacefully and happily here too, without needing skills. (Baoqing’s maidservant is spying on them, meanwhile.) Poor Baoqing. But she does have a guy who likes her!

On that note, Student is messing around with energy, and his heart is giving him trouble. Huh? And then he collapses. The guards come rushing over, and they have the same reaction. But they can’t let him die, so they open the cage…yeah.

Jingxiu (who, by the way is wearing all black robes these days, very Grand Vizierish) goes to investigate. But he’s not worried–Rebel Rebel is dead, so Student won’t be any trouble.

Meanwhile in the Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Fox Bro wants to go drag Qing Yao home. She’s spending way too much time at the cliff. Plant Fairy says: she’ll beat you to death if you do go! And naturally she walks in at that point, says nothing to them.

Meanwhile, Ling Xi manages to visit the Queen. Baoqing is not happy to see her….and the doctor beats a hasty retreat. Ling Xi asks about the treatments the doctor has been giving. (Baoqing says: she’s our doctor!)

Meanwhile in the mortal realm, Qing Yao is seeing an elderly woman who is being beaten and bullied, but who also doesn’t have enough money to buy food. Also she punishes the guy who was browbeating her, lol. So that’s one good deed down. Lol, the writers make a point of showing how the worthy poor react: they don’t have money now to buy medicines, but they can work for it and they do have time. (but QY left them money, too.)

Qing Yao then bumps into someone Ling Xi sent to ask her to come and check on Phoenix Queen. (…..not good.) The witch doctor has retreated, and taken all the medicines with her. Qing Yao immediately suses that a sedative, not a stimulant, is being given. But Jingxiu has told Lieutenant to deal with it…and unfortunately, the poor witch doctor has “comitted suicide.”

Also, attempting to assassinate the Queen is a major crime. SHEESH. But, Old Lady doesn’t really trust Ling Xi and does not voice her suspicions. Ling Xi and Qing Yao discuss. LX thinks that she has to be super careful, since she’s in a weak position.

QY says: you are a high god, and you have Advisor Jingxiu. Ask him for help…oh wait, do you not want to?
LX says: I don’t want him to get involved, because he’s been good to me and I don’t want him to get hurt again. This whole series has been ROUGH on him (wow, and when you line it up like she has, it’s a LOT), and he’s a good guy.
QY says: …so, why aren’t you asking him for help?
LX says: Because he’d help Lin Mo, and I’m not Lin Mo. Look, I wanted to go back to Peach Blossom Forest after I visited, but I’m only here because I need to protect my mother. But…
QY says: You don’t love him, but you are fond of him. This isn’t really a problem, you know. Call in Jiu Chen! Everyone in the entire universe knows he loves you.
LX says: ….but…but…I’m bad luck and I’ve hurt him a lot…And I’m not even good at magic! or medicine! I want to improve myself to be his equal before I go and join him!
QY says: Girl, he DOES NOT MIND.
LX says: I MIND. I’m tired of being the weak one who ends up begging for mercy and needing to be rescued!
QY says: What about me? I can help you, right?
LX says: Well, we’re family.
QY says: But back to the point, exactly when do you feel you’re going to be Jiu Chen’s equal?
LX says: Well, when he starts treating me like one, I guess.

Meanwhile back in Fuyun Hall, Jiu Chen is sneezing a lot. OH GOSH. NOT AGAIN. But the bros say: it must be because someone is missing you, ehhhhh bro?

Meanwhile, Si Ming says: they’re investigating those maids who might have stolen the Needle. Hey, HuaYan, was it you? (HuaYan spills water. Jiu Chen observes.) Also, Si Ming is getting teased about Shi San…she has an ALIBI.

Jiu Chen finally points out that everyone has like, a lot of time on their hands, don’t they? And kicks them out.

HuaYan remains…until he tells her also to get out.

And then he goes around pacing and broods a while, being all lonesome and restless. Dude if you could only conclude what the solution to all of this angst is…