Love and Destiny – ep 53 – CDrama Recap

So, at Fuyun Hall, Shi San is….is she packing her trousseau? Jiu Chen investigates….oh, she’s packing up Ling Xi’s things for her for the Phoenix Realm. Lol, they are both kind of surprised she has so much stuff.

Jiu Chen says….hey, can you carry all that by yourself?
Shi San says: well of course I can!
Jiu Chen says: yeah, but you’re off your training lately. I mean, it’s true! I said so, didn’t I? You feel a pain when you lift heavy objects. And then he zaps poor Shi San when she tries to pick up the bundles. Dude….

AND LOL, then Shi San stuffs them all into a magic satchel. Problem solved. And HuaYan will keep him company!

Jiu Chen has to admit defeat and stroll off….until he sees Si Ming and makes a hasty detour, LOL. But Si Ming catches up with him. Thunder is still looking for the Needle Thief.

Heh, Jiu Chen just sticks him with Shi San and walks off again.

Si Ming and Shi San stroll off. Si Ming explains: poor Jiu Chen doesn’t have a good reason to go pursue Ling Xi, so of course he’s in a bad mood. Too bad Yun Feng isn’t here now…So Shi San, finally, gets it and rushes back home. With the bundles over her shoulder on a stick, lol. Jiu Chen is just being snooty and aloof, heh. But then he storms off and slams the door in Shi San’s face. And the window, too. Poor Shi San sits down and cries, heh.

HuaYan asks why she’s crying….Shi San is crying that Jiu Chen is going to kick her out to the Eastern Sea and she’ll never see Si Ming again…

So Shi San finally reaches the outward gateway, still pouting and sniffling. Jiu Chen materializes and asks what took her so long. Hah. And, lol, Shi San hands him both bundles. LOL HIS OH SO STOIC FACE as he shoulders a HUGE bundle.

That was twelve whole minutes for a man to decide he’s going to go visit his girlfriend.

But back in Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi is refusing to leave her mother’s side. Qing Yao is checking the medical books, and she herself is reading, too. And then the word comes in that Shi San and the God of War are both there to see her…

So Ling Xi merely sends a message via a servant girl: thanks. But don’t expect to stay for dinner.

Jiu Chen makes a big deal about Shi San being injured and having to go back the slow way….oh, Shi San can’t leave today. Maybe not even for three…or four…or ten…days. So we need a guest room. Thanks. BTW, I rescued your Queen, or did you not know that? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, Plant Fairy is trying to convince Qing Yao to eat something. Mushroom soup? Prepared with pain and love? And everyone refuses to drink it! QY agrees, probably to get rid of the girl. Junior Fox Bro is waiting outside to make sure that his big sister has some soup and he scolds Plant Fairy for not making sure she drank it right then and there. You kids…

Back in Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi is tiptoeing around and peeking around corners to make sure they’ve left. The maidservant asks her if she’s offended the God of War, because he’s scary…Ling Xi takes off for Peach Blossom Forest.

Meanwhile, Jingxiu is playing with his guitar again….Lieutenant comes in with the bad news. But, heh, I love how hopeful and enthusiastic Lieutenant is when he says that Ling Xi left without seeing Jiu Chen.

Meanwhile, Jiu Chen is also getting the report.–and he says, folding his arms, that “if she’s that capable, she’d better not return.”

MEANWHILE! In Peach Blossom Forest, Qing Yao asks why she’s so freaking bold to make the god of war wait for her. Ling Xi says: dude, I’m SCARED! Also, they discuss the search for HuaYan/the Needle Thief. See, the demon king is dead–but there have been four demon kings. All it takes is power…and evil thoughts. So, a new Demon King will/may arise, and there are still lesser evils around.

Also, Ling Xi gets introduced to Plant Fairy.

BUT UH OH! Thunder has fingered HuaYan! They don’t have proof yet, but she is the only strong suspect. Thunder discusses: they need to investigate, whether or not Jiu Chen likes his maidservant being interrogated or not. And he tells his people to be courteous to her….until the matter is fully investigated.

HuaYan admits immediately that she stole the Needle…somewhat confusing Thunder, who was expecting a long interrogation, heh.

Meanwhile in Peach Blossom Forest, the girls meet up. QY says: look, you want more time. Just go tell him this. He deserves to know what you think. Whatever you decide–and don’t be rushed–let the man know it! I know it’s really weird having the pressure not be on all of the time…but take advantage of it.

LX says:….I’ve decided what to do.

Junior Fox Bro woke up late and missed seeing Ling Xi leave. He’s really upset that he’s losing his sister, awww. And QY tells him that hey, why don’t you get a girlfriend then, EHHHH?

Meanwhile back in the Phoenix Realm, Jiu Chen has just gotten the report that HuaYan was arrested and being tortured at the punishment place. He’s there to listen to justice being carried out. As usual.

So they tried torturing HuaYan, but it didn’t work. If they do it again, they’ll end up killing her. Jiu Chen says: why are you torturing her, exactly?

HuaYan claims that she was possessed–but they haven’t found any demon aura on her. And the torture is Thunder’s idea–to find out what is exactly going on and who she is protecting. Jiu Chen doesn’t like this, but he’s probably going to have to stand aside.

Back at the Phoenix Realm, Ling Xi arrives just after Jiu Chen has left. Aw, not one of these again.

Back at Fuyun Hall, HuaYan apparently escaped torture, but she’s also not telling Jiu Chen what the deal is, either. He knows: that she’s protecting someone, that she didn’t act directly with the demons at any point, and that she’s in deep trouble if she doesn’t confess–she can’t protect a person who helped open the black hole to begin with. That was an evil deed, and this person needs to be found and suppressed. Also–if HE uses the torture technique, she’ll definitely not be able to resist it.

HuaYan tries to kill herself. Jiu Chen stops her. She breaks down: she is sorry for what she’s done to Jiu Chen’s house and reputation, but she owes this person a lot and would rather die than harm him. And he’s a good person! (WELL HE IS!) Jiu Chen says: well, you were sentenced to exile in the Phoenix Realm. Go.

HuaYan is ready to accept the punishment. Heh, that’s not a bad punishment, is it?

So HuaYan gets handed over.–Jingxiu says: exile her for the time being. That’s harsh, dude. She kept faith with you! But the word does go back to Jiu Chen, so maybe that was the point. He sends a letter to Ling Xi.

So poor HuaYan is in exile and being chased by orcs. But then she trips over her own freaking skirt and they catch her…and then Ling Xi arrives to the rescue. But Ling Xi wants the truth now, too. She knows that HuaYan isn’t a demon collaborator–so who is it? HuaYan, however, is a good girl, and keeps her mouth shut.

Ling Xi says: well, then, forget it. Stay with me, then–you were always good to me while we were in Fuyun Hall, so I’ll take care of you now.

Back at Fuyun Hall: Ling Xi’s message to Jiu Chen is: Why’d you want her to be in my palace, then? He says: I’m waiting and watching.

Back at Peach Blossom Forest, Qing Yao sees her old flame Sangnan, who just happened to come by to visit. He’s been taking care of some business for her back at home. Icy Qing Yao (who is the best Qing Yao) makes a recurrence, and she tells him to mind his own business: they are no relations. Sangnan, however, gets the idea and wanders back out again.

Junior Fox Bro asks: hey, why can’t you be friends even if you aren’t lovers?
Qing Yao says: Yun Feng wouldn’t like it.

So back at Phoenix Palace, HuaYan is getting lessons in the Phoenix Palace behavior from the maidservant who works there. And HuaYan spots Jingxiu. But he walks past her without looking (even when she doesn’t bow.) Oh, did she not actually know that?

Jiu Chen, meanwhile, is clutching his knot charm and watching the birds fly. GRRRRHHHH WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG TO RESOLVE! I really want to rush into the next episode and yet it’s almost over and then it’ll all be done….