Love and Destiny – ep 54 – CDrama Recap

So Ling Xi is still keeping vigil with her mother and HuaYan comes by to tell her to go to bed already. But Ling Xi prefers sleeping on the table. And presently some guitar music drifts in. So she wanders over to go see Jingxiu. (Where’s Baoqing and how is her romance with Student going? That’s what I want to know!)┬áHe’s playing the song that her (mortal) father sang for her.

Ling Xi, cogently, asks why and when he went to her house. And tells him to call her Ling Xi. Lin Mo is in the past. (It’s been a month.) But it’s been a loooong thirty days, Ling Xi says–and assures him that no matter who she is, she respects him. That’s…not the answer he wants.

So Ling Xi drifts back out again, and a bird lands on the rail. It’s got the knot charm from Jiu Chen. Ling Xi cuddles it and looks teary eyed. Well….what…?

So meanwhile, Jiu Chen is getting an examination from Yuli. He’s recovered and probably also had a power-up. Oh, and also he can merge the Nuwa Stone-heart completely into his own flesh. And then he thanks Yuli. Yuli is slightly hurt but mostly professional, and leaves….lol, Si Ming walks Yuli out and Shi San is completely distracted and Jiu Chen doesn’t get his tea.

Turns out, Yuli is in charge of Medicine Hall since her father and seniors are busy healing plagues in the mortal world. It’s her job. Si Ming hints heavily that it’s also good for her to let go of things that aren’t hers.

Yuli says: I’ve liked him for fifty thousand years! I’ve got seniority on Ling Xi! My liking him doesn’t bother anyone, especially since he’s got that dumb Ling Xi. In short, whether I like him or not is my own business, NOT YOURS. Well, Yuli’s grown up a little. Good girl.

Meanwhile, the current head of the Yuan Clan is come to beg for Yuan Tong. Her immortality has been removed and she might, you know, die!

Jiu Chen says: you know, the Yuan Clan did not fall by accident.

And he heads off to the south pole. (Si Ming asks: South Pole or Phoenix Tribe? Jiu Chen: stares.)

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is all the way out in the middle of a desert. Probably really honestly is going to die, since it doesn’t look like there’s any water there, either. But she’s also staying put right in that one place, for some reason.

Meanwhile, poor Baoqing is throwing a tandrum and also the furniture. Also, Brother Jingxiu says that he’s not going to come see her anymore. And the thought that Phoenix Queen might wake up is no comfort to poor Lil Psycho. (poor kid.)

Ling Xi, meanwhile, is still sleeping at the Queen’s bedside. She is a high god now and doesn’t need to rest–but the Old Lady is treating her like family, now. Which is nice.

Meanwhile at the border, something wooshes by–oh, it’s Antler Wolf! (Also Jiu Chen).

Meanwhile, the palace maids are gossiping about Baoqing’s bad mood, and the fact that Jingxiu no longer likes Baoqing–and that he likes Ling Xi instead. (Jiu Chen eavesdrops) Everyone likes Ling Xi, even the God of War. (the other maids scoff: that god of war is so old!) The other girls defend Jiu Chen: he’s handsome! But HuaYan is distracted and can’t contribute to the conversation. Ling Xi arrives and scolds them. But, despite Antler Wolf trying to point him out, misses Jiu Chen until he sneaks up behind her.

LX: ….hey. Are you eavesdropping on the girls? People will laugh at you!
JC: Yeah, people gossip here. I NOTICED.
LX: Oh, like Yun Feng and Kaiyang don’t? Anyhow, what’s with the sneaking?
JC: Sneaking? Me? I think I do it rather well, don’t I?
LX: ….yeah, so what’s with the sneaking?
JC: I’m going to the South Pole. Just letting you know. In case you wanted to look for me. For your information. Just thought you should know.
LX: Oh, ok. Now I know. Bye.
JC: [mutters] brat!
JC: YOU! Stop throwing a tandrum!
LX: You killed me twice, dude! You’re using your higher power, higher experience, greater age and important position to bully me!

HuaYan comes by and (since gossip), they have to hide, Ling Xi clutching Jiu Chen. Antler Wolf deflects HuaYan.

And Jiu Chen takes the opportunity to ask, why exactly were we hiding? Also, are you hanging on to me or not?
LX: ….uh. Uh. Um. You snuck in, so, uh, uh, people might think you had improper intentions!
Jiu Chen: [pulls her to kissing range] Well, I DO.
JC: NOT LETTING GO. You used to feel me up, didn’t you?

[kiss, dodge, attempted slap].

Jiu Chen says: don’t be mad. I’ve hurt you, but you know why I did it. We’ve been through so much. Please stop pushing me away. Awww, he’s proposing properly to her. And it’s pretty nice. HE SAYS: You took the initiative! And now you have to take the responsibility! (awesome). Because I’m unable to live alone again now.
Ling Xi: [tries not to smile] You think that because you kissed me, I’m already not mad?
Jiu Chen: Oh well then I obviously have to kiss you some more, then. [smooch]
Ling Xi: DUDE!
Jiu Chen: And I’m NOT THAT OLD. And I’m still fine, ain’t I?
Ling Xi: Well, OK, fine, I’ll come see you when I have some free time.
Jiu Chen: See me do what?
Ling XI: JUST VISIT [runs off]
[turns back to look]
[both smile]


So at the South Pole, Jiu Chen has to ask the OLD DUDE WHO LIVES THERE IF he’s old, LOOOOOL. (and doesn’t get a really satisfactory answer, HAHHHHHH) And he goes and retrieves….a book? OK, what book? Tell me about this book, please. Why is he smirking at this book?

At Phoenix Palace, Ling Xi is talking to her mother about her boyfriend. She’s very happy that he’s finally expressed his feelings and gotten in touch with his emotions. And she’s pretty happy that her luck’s been good lately. She just wants to be able to tell her Mom all about it! (aw.)

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong is sleeping/collapsed in out on the sand. Internally, though, she’s being tormented by spirits calling her name….and someone shows up. Oh, her brother….it’s the demon king, taking the shape of her brother. Demons never disappear–so long as there is evil…oh. It’s The Demon…and the previous guy was just his vessel. And now, Yuan Tong….

Yuan Tong, The Demon taunts, is specifically not qualified to be Demon King! She’s too soft, too powerless! Too full of the milk of human kindness! What he’s here for (back in brother form): is the chance to get total revenge, wash away all humiliation, and let Big Brother rest in peace in the netherworld!

All she has to do is find the next Demon Lord. Uhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh.

Back in Peach Blossom Forest, Junior Fox Bro rushes over to help Qing Yao, who has managed to produce one pill of medicine.

And in the Phoenix Realm, Jingxiu is there to observe…the Queen should wake up slowly in a couple of days. (But would have slowly recovered anyway.)

Jingxiu: shifty-eyes. HuaYan is still staring fixedly at him. The other maid scolds her: even though he’s handsome, be careful, because besides not being suitable, Princess Baoqing will kill you.

Speaking of, BaoQing is playing with a couple of baby turtles. And by playing with, I mean poking with a stick. She’s also not going to go be there with her adoptive mother when she wakes–she knows she’s been supplanted by Ling Xi, although her maid servant thinks that it’s going a bit too far. Also she’s mad at Jingxiu for liking Ling Xi. But sets off hopefully enough when she hears that he’s been avoiding LX.

Jingxiu is back in the woods with his guitar, and Lieutenant and Orc Commander are both anxious for their leader to, you know, lead them. Unfortunately, Baoqing walks up in time to overhear Orc Commander say how they’ve killed the Old Phoenix King and attempted to kill the Queen and now Ling Xi isn’t going to let them off, either. Lieutennant agrees: they have to act! (Baoqing watches in trepidation.) Jingxiu agrees….and they all spot Baoqing walk off. Don’t hurt your lil psycho sister! NO!

But Baoqing has gone back to her own rooms and her maidservant wants to go to the Old Lady and call in help. Baoqing says: DON’T! I have to think about this! But she immediately goes over to her mother’s rooms, so. Ling Xi is personally concocting the medicine, earning the maidservants a scolding from the Old Lady. BaoQing is thinking about her mother’s care of her in the past. See, being a spoiled princess doesn’t make you an evil psycho automatically! But she’s also not telling the Old Lady about the plot.

And she goes out. She’s shaky, but she goes. (Leave the country, kid, and go somewhere else.)

So, the Phoenix Queen wakes up with neither of her daughters around, only the Old Lady. And Phoenix Queen is immediately greeted with news of Ling Xi’s being around.

But, uh oh. Baoqing walks out and sees Jingxiu’s coup coming the other way.–in badass slow-mo black robes and walk. But all Jingxiu asks is if Mom is doing well…he’s going to go visit her. Baoqing grabs him, but he brushes her hand away and tells her to go take shelter and stay out of trouble. YOU AREN’T BEING A GOOD GUY JINGXIU NOOOOO