Love and Destiny – ep 57 – CDrama Recap

So, back to our highly-emotional faceoff,

Jingxiu says: if you want me to be the murderer, I am. Lingyue and I had a grudge from the previous generation.  So he launches into the story.
But Jiu Chen says: you caused all this, then?
Jingxiu says: hey, all I wanted was for her to sleep until I could get you on my side. If it weren’t for Qing Yao…
Ling Xi says: Well, what about HuaYan?
Jingxiu says: …I caused her to die. Look, this is all Jiu Chen’s fault! Not mine!
Ling Xi: glares in Phoenix Queen.
Jingxiu says: I’ve always been like this.
Jiu Chen says: be arrested already.
Jingxiu says: FUCK THAT. And he and Lieutenant walk out. Into an ambush, but hey. Lieutenant is willing to sacrifice himself for his boss (SEE LINGYUE, THAT’S WHAT LOYALTY LOOKS LIKE. TOO BAD YOU CAN’T INSPIRE IT, HUH?)

So he escapes and Jiu Chen is going to lead the manhunt for him…later.

Meanwhile, Si Ming is dealing with unreasonable requests AGAINNNNN, LOL. Jiu Chen has made him go arrange HuaYan’s fate…she’s going to be a princess who lives a life of luxury and love with the emperor until she dies. This is clearly unreasonable and he’s going to lose his position and get struck by lightning! AHAHAHA and he makes Shi San go keep an eye out for storm clouds, I love Si Ming.

Meanwhile, Qing Yao is visiting with Yun Feng’s statue.

Meanwhile….Jingxiu is out in a frozen wasteland somewhere, staring at his thumb ring. Oh, Lieutenant bit it. Well that’s what loyalty gets you when you’re loyal to someone awesome but tragic, what can I say. Someone comes by to talk to hi….who is this???? Yuan TONG OH NO. OH NO. OHHHHHH NO. HELL NO. FUCK NO. Don’t you dare, show. Don’t YOU EFFING DARE.

Jingxiu laughs at the thought that she wants him to become a demon and tells her to get lost. Keep it up Jingxiu! Be a good guy! DO IT! Don’t listen to the girl who got REPEATEDLY punished for dumb and petty vindictive crimes! NO JINGXIU DON’T LISTEN TO HER!

Meanwhile in Phoenix Realm, there’s a new State Advisor: Changting. Also, everyone is taking pains to point out how much they were never polite or trusted Jingxiu. Ling Xi hasn’t been attending court meetings, because she was out doing good deeds in the mortal world. But also probably because she doesn’t want to attend court meetings.

Ling Xi has enough to deal with even with Changting taking care of most of the business. And he’s definitely working hard. He’s also young and handsome. Oh, hah, he’s her maidservant’s elder brother. But he’s also very powerful (almost a high god), and has plenty of talent and drive. Is Ling Xi planning to name him as the heir?

So, at Fuyun Hall: Orc Commander’s death has caused problems with his tribe, but Changting was able to pacify it quickly and with little problem. Jiu Chen wants to go and check things out personally, but the military bros think he ought to stay home and let them handle it. (Si Ming smirks.)–lol, Jiu Chen has been repeatedly asking the Emperor to let him go check things out and they’re worried the Phoenix Tribe will declare war if they keep interfering. HAH HE’S BEEN ORDERED TO KEEP OUT OF THE PHOENIX REALM.

Si Ming: Not seeing Ling Xi?
Jiu Chen: of course not.
Shi San: Hey want some of that tea Ling Xi gave us?
Jiu Chen: glares.

Oh no. Jingxiu is still in the wastes, and Yuan Tong is still following him. GO AWAY YUAN TONG. She’s got a ball of evil energy. And she’s got a plan: open the gates of hell and THEN take over the world. DON’T LISTEN TO HER JINGXIU! Especially since she’s saying she’ll do all the work and let him have the glory. DON’T TRUST HER SHE IS EVIL!

He points out that the demon needs her to be doing all the work right now. But he also says: the path we walk is the path we walk. Give it to me. OH NO. NOOOOOOOOOOO JINGXIU I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR YOU YOU NO YOU SUCK NOW.

Yuan Tong goes down to the black hole abyss…she’s shaken and afraid YEAH BE AFRAID YUAN TONG YOU SUCK.

I could really use some kissing right now. I mean, in the show.

So she’s down at the abyss and opening up the gate of hell door. AND IT WORKS! The Phoenix Realm sees demons start flying overhead! But, in Heaven, Jiu Chen’s Teacher also notices.

Ling Xi is at the gate of the black hole and tries to block it, but has to retreat. Teacher poofs in and starts zapping the black smoke.

OK, that was weird. OK, she’s been affected by the demon smoke and needs 100 days of cultivation to remove it, he says. He offers to help. She doesn’t even know who he is…dude, you’d better put in a good word for your boy, then.

Heh, and then Jiu Chen walks in and greets his Teacher.

Meanwhile, Qing Yao and Junior Fox Bro are over at Yun Feng’s statue. He brought a table, and, lol, he’s complaining that she shouldn’t be setting things up like he’s dead. (She tells him to shut up.) He also tells her that Yun Feng doesn’t even know she’s there and it’s just like sleeping. (She tells him he’s a dummy, shut up.)

Anyhow, Teacher is reacting to the news that they want to get married. Ling Xi is going to step down from her position and Jiu Chen is going to personally propose.

Jiu Chen: Ling Xi is very careless and not all that pretty and she did slipshod work as the Queen. Very naieve. But she’s a good person and fated for me.
Ling Xi: [eyerolls]
Teacher: Oh, so you like her, then? No kidding?


Anyhow, Ling Xi is back to being spunky with Jiu Chen afterwards. How is he marrying her without asking first! (Girl, he did ask. Multiple times.)
Jiu Chen teases her back–completely stony-faced and serious the whole time. And also completely smug. But Ling Xi says: hey! I still haven’t agreed to marry you!


Well, at least it’s cute.

Commence the kissing. Aw, aaaaaand then commence the interruptions. LOL SHI SAN HIDES HER EYES AND LING XI HIDES BEHIND JIU CHEN. They have summons for him from the Emperor. So he leaves and Shi San scurries over to have a nice giggle along with Ling Xi.

Meanwhile, the siblings aren’t all that impressed with the news. It’s not as if anyone was expecting anything different. Plant Fairy also comes over to congratulate….

OH LOL. Junior: Do you even know what marriage is?!
Plant Fairy: OF COURSE! It’s pollinating! And then the plant can BEAR FRUIT….but, oh, wait. You guys would lay eggs, wouldn’t you?
(everyone else: cracks up.)


Who has, coincidentally, come by just then.


All that Jaz


Note crossed eyes–one of the common side-effects of the inbreeding that produces white tigers. It’s not universal (Jazzy has two half-sibs at the sanctuary who are normal) but it does pop up. The two other issues seen frequently are cleft (or more accurately, deformed) palates which make it more difficult for the cats to eat large bone-in pieces of meat; and paw/foot deformities (which are the rarest).

Having crossed eyes does make it more difficult for the cats to see, but not impossible for them to be deadly. A different tiger with severely crossed eyes was noted as being able to snatch birds out of the air. (Wish I coulda seen him!)

clan of the cave bear!

They found a frozen, preserved, intact cave bear! Until now, only the bones have been found.

Unique discovery of perfectly preserved extinct cave bear showing  its teeth after up to 39,000 years

The remains were found by reindeer herders on [Yakutia] and the remains will be analysed by scientists at the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk, which is at the forefront of research into extinct woolly mammoths and rhinos.

The cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) is a prehistoric species or subspecies that lived in Eurasia in the Middle and Late Pleistocene period and became extinct about 15,000 years ago.

According to the rough preliminary suggestions the bear could live in Karginsky interglacial (this was the period between 22,000 and 39,500 years).

A cub was also found.