No right

Instead of trying to shut the door, Nina thrust herself past it, bodily confronting Steve Reed face to face. Or, anyway, face to collarbone. He paused, just for a second, just for a hair, but it was enough.
Nina made eye contact.”Do not enter my house without a warrant.”
Steve froze.
She said, “Get off my property.”
Steve started to back away. Nina followed him with her eyes alone, ignoring everything else. She was breathing heavily. Her head felt detatched from her body, suspended in the air five feet and two inches above the ground.
Steve had to clutch for balance at the top of the steps. He croaked, “Nina. Nina, I have to find them. Nina, the kids are gone.”
“They’re not here.”
“You know he took them!”
She said, “Get off of my property.”
Steve reached the ground. He was shaking. “You have no right.”
Nina gave an involuntary grimace, fighting the oncoming howl of tears.
“You have no right, Nina.”
Nina shut the door, locked it, fumbled with the chain. She leaned against it, covering her face with her hands, and the words trapped behind them tore through her brain, desperate for release. You had no right.
You had no right.
But it’s his fault! I didn’t know!
She lowered her hands and clenched her jaw. The words were hoarse but clear. She didn’t bother with the mirror, this time. It’d be far too disturbing to see whatever was inside right now. Her voice didn’t sound any different, but she felt the layers of power and compulsion. “You’re going to find the kids. You’re going to bring them home. And you’re going to take full recompense from the one–from everyone–who dragged you into this.”