Dear God I Love My Local library

It is super nice.

It had, collected on one shelf inconveniently at eye level:

  • Hour of the Dragon – by Robert E Howard
  • Red Nails
  • People of the Black Circle

And these were directly opposite the intriguing-looking

  • Enter the Wolf – by E. E. Knight. Not sure, but it seems to be a vampire novel in the Larry Correia school of EAT HOT LEAD FOUL SPAWN variety. Which is the only way vampire novels should be written, honestly.

I also had to renew

  • Veteran of the Old West: Pistol Pete by Frank Eaton. Last week was slightly too hectic to sit down and give this biography the attention it deserved.

There was also a free books table outside from which I snagged a very nice copy of

  • Pride and Prejudice – by Jane Austen. This one is going to be my contribution to the white elephant gift exchange for the Winter Solstice Pagan Festivities.

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