Aquatic Kitty

Farah liked playing with water. Including, usually, the hose trying to fill up her bucket.

If you’re also thinking she’s a bit skinny: she is. At the time of this picture, Farah was a 16-year-old tigress (for a species that lives 8-10 years in the wild and 15-20 in captivity), estimated to weigh about three hundred pounds, and was eating the same 12 pounds of raw meat we fed her 5 year old (so the prime of their tiger lives), 450-lb psychopath sons. Because, and I quote, “she a skinny bitch.” She was also on daily medication to protect her kidneys, glucosamine (also daily) and a tri-weekly multivitamin/probiotic combo that apparently tasted really nasty.

Do you know it’s kind of to hold a tiger’s nose and force pills down their throats?

4 thoughts on “Aquatic Kitty

  1. *blink*

    I don’t know if I am impressed, scared, or feel silly for not realizing that there are tiger versions of my old MamaCat out there.

    Make her a black calico with a torso the size of a pepsi bottle, and yep.

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