Thoughts from the road

– Those who say “Pardon my French” are in reality the least likely to be self-consciousness about their swearing. On the other hand, those who apologize for using bad language in more or less those words tend to be a lot better about policing their own speech.

– Pirate a textbook for a student and you help her for a day. Teach a student to pirate textbooks and you help her for the rest of her career. 

– Most yard dogs are calm and friendly, but watch their body language. If there is more than one, pause and watch each of them before you exit your vehicle. 

– Days on which an elaborate lunch is packed either always end early, or run long enough that said lunch is consumed, lukewarm, around dinnertime. 

– Sometimes the fishy look is because I’ve said something questionable, but mostly it’s because people are trying to work out how to tactfully ask what ethnicity I am.