Overheard…or spoken…on the job

“We live in the weirdest timeline.”
“I dunno, I haven’t seen anything in the news about Cthulu.”

“Dr. C says I’ve got to keep you under control.”
“Hah, good luck with that.”

“E’s kids were home yesterday, she couldn’t make it.”
“And it isn’t as if you can take five-year-olds on a ride-along.”
“…I bet it would work as a really effective way of preventing further violations, though. Make the people explain to the five-year-old kid what they did wrong. Might fall under cruel and unusual, though.”
“For both the kid and the person. ‘Explain to little Bobby why you hate puppies‘…”

“Hi, I’m Riders. I’m with D today.”
“Oh, you’ve got to keep your eye on him!”
“….you are not the first person to tell me that.”
“You’re not the first person today, even.”