Overheard….or spoken on the job

“[…] depends on how advanced the Salem people are going to be.”
“Well, really, it depends on if they’re still burning witches.”
“Hahaha…oh wait: excuse me!”
“It’s kind of a primitive….oh. Oh, uh, no personal comment was meant.”

“….mind you, I can’t imagine anyone trying to set S on fire.”
“Yeah, she’s more of a woodchipper person.”
“She definitely weighs more than a duck, though!”
“Well….not much more than a duck. She’s not that much taller than a duck. You can tell her I said all of this, by the way.”

“One of my goals is to have someone shoot at me on the line of duty.”
“Well, [court case]–”
“I said shoot at, not necessarily die.”

Love is like…

 A wolf that wards       the scattered sheep
 Keeping curtailed        its fine-honed fangs
 Holding hard               its hopeless hunger
 Forgetting not             its force and fierceness
 Hanging its head         low for the lashing.
 A storm that sweeps   the scorched fields
 Promising plenty         to the parched prairies
 Sating the swards        the sun had seared
 Renewing the rains     when the rivers are risen
 Tearing the tall trees    down in its deluge.
 A sark without               a spun thread woven.
 Sourceless strung        are the warp and weft
 Handless hie                the speeding shuttles
 Slow but sure              are the shears that sever
 The threads that tie     the ceaseless cloth!