14 thoughts on “Ah, Mondays

      1. Sadly, I concur.
        The fact that the higher ups at Disney would even consider letting him direct an episode of the one thing of Star Wars that seems to be doing well shows that they don’t understand star wars at all.

        Which is why I gave up on Star wars after the first sequel movie and they de-canonized the EU.

        For me, it’s now the Galaxy’s Edge universe by Anspach and Cole. The Star Wars that should have been.

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      2. Debra Doyle and James MacDonald’s Mageworlds series is a pretty decent, if rather old, sci-fi series which *is* “Star Wars” with the serial numbers filed off sequels.
        Edmund Hamilton’s Starwolf trilogy also hit the spot for me. So did Dune, funnily enough.

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      3. So, I went and looked on amazon for the Mageworlds books. They want $12 a book for the ebook versions! For stuff published starting back in ’92. I was shocked! I thought about immediately writing a ranty post but works taken the energy out of me so this comment is about all the subject gets. Sigh.
        Therefore I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to them or not.

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      4. Unfortunately, our library has been raising funds for the last 10 years to expand, as they are bursting at the seams. Which means they only carry stuff that gets checked out.

        I might have to check out some other libraries though….

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  1. It’ll be ‘The Last Mandalorian’ and will be a riveting and bold undermining of all the old boring tropes of The Mandalorian. Maybe he’ll reprise Luke Skywalker’s bitter old man and really stick it to us old farts who used to enjoy Star Wars.

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