Can I play? Shipping Tags

So, Bookstooge gave up on this one, but I’m bored have time to kill procrastinating dedicated to providing quality content on my blog for my wonderful readers (stop laughing), and figured I’d give it a try.


  1. Answer the eleven questions provided by the blogger who tagged you
    • Does it still count if I just spontaneously decide to answer questions because I have no other ideas for fresh content?
  2. Come up with eleven new questions of your own!
    • Oh….I actually kind of can do this. Stay tuned.
  3. Tag 5 new bloggers!
    • Do I even know five bloggers?
    • Who are dumb enough to do something like this?
  4. Mention the blogger who tagged you and have fun!!
    • Hey, Bookstooge!


  • Who was your first book crush?
    • Sheeesh, I have no clue. I used to really be fond of Lord Rawnblade Widestripe, Protector of the Shores, but mostly that was because I was eight and the thought of going berserk on my cousins was very appealing after they made fun of my Breyer horse collection. Well, actually, speaking of books I read when I was eight, maybe John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.
    • Or some of the dog-loving heroes in Jim Kjelgaard’s books. I read a lot of those when I was just getting into reading “actual books,” but the “boys survival adventures with dogs” genre doesn’t tend to have a lot of ship potential.
  • Who was your most recent book crush?
    • ….I honestly dunno.
  • What popular ship do you sink?
    • The last time I paid close attention to shipping fandoms was back in the heyday of Bleach. The only fandom I’m really involved with these days is The Dresden Files. So:
      • Ichigo/Rukia (I dislike Rukia because she has an abrasive personality that doesn’t appeal to me in a main character. As a side character, she’s fine, but as a lead or love interest? No.)
      • Harry/Molly, Harry/Mab, Harry/Marcone
      • Come to think of it, Harry/Lara, because Lara is a scary, inhuman monster who is going to try her damndest to push Harry’s already-dangerous mental state all the way over from “dark hero teetering on the edge” to “monster.”
  • Which unpopular ship do you actually love?
  • Do you have a favorite friends to lovers ship?
    • Harry/Murphy.
    • (sobs)
    • I guess Renji/Rukia would count. Does childhood-friends-to-lovers count? This one I actually like because when you have two abrasive, loud-mouthed jerks they play off each other a lot better in the background.
  • What ship reminds you of your relationship? Or the relationship you would like to have?
    • Oh, you know I didn’t even notice this question the first time skimming through the list. Lol.
  • What ship was just unnecessary?
    • Every YA love triangle ever.
    • OO OO OOH I ACTUALLY HAVE AN ANSWER HERE, hah! I found the Adam Reith/Zap 210 romance in Jack Vance’s The Pnume to be rather perfunctory and unnecessary given their dynamic throughout the novel as a whole.
  • Imagine your favorite ship 10 years in the future (from when their book ends)… where are they now?
    • (uncontrollable sobbing)
  • Which book do you want to see adapted to TV/Movie? Who would you cast to bring your ship to life?
    • I have had thoughts about this before.
    • Red Rising would also make a pretty kickass show/movie. I dunno who to cast, though, honestly. But I have a feeling that the guy who played Lucius Malfoy would make a good Augustus au Nero…
    • Oh, actually come to think of it: the works of Genevieve Cogman (that aren’t Bleach fanfic.) Solid, charismatic actors can overcome a multitude of faults in sub-par writing (albeit not all), and then can introduce or imply personality when there really isn’t any.
      • Kai can be played by Lee Min Ho, because Lee Min Ho is an enormously talented actor and if there’s anything that could induce me to at least check out a sub-par show, it’d be him.
      • Irene can be played by Emma Watson, because she’s the only actress of that age range I can name off the top of my head.
  • What is a relationship that you wish happened?
    • ….Honestly, I really can’t name a whole lot. I tend to favor canon ships to begin with.
  • 9780689715624_p0_v1_s1200x630What character(s) have broken your heart?
    • Well, the last time I cried over a book, it was Black Gold by Marguerite Henry, when in his paddock with an injured leg and he thinks the crowd in the distance is cheering for him but his trainer is actually coming to put him down…never have I or will I ever read another sad horse book after that, again.
    • That includes sad dog books and movies, too.