This is the song of thy brother--in my death is it all made clear.
I who have railed at morning, and struggled beneath the sun
Have come to the truth in the evening, in dark as shades draw near.
I wist not to have passed in silence, leaving the course half-run:
Fain to have fallen in glory, in strife and fury and sound.
Leaving the course to others--my captains to see it done,
My henchmen to guard the bounty, my knights to see it won--
Fain to have finished the story; in life, in death, renowned.
Hark to the words of thy brother: hasten thy steps to heed.
The time of my power departeth, leaving thy hour in need.
I wist not to leave you friendless, alone in the barren night;
My passing be a gift to you, a guide and a warning light.

Be thou therefore strengthened, stray not a whit from thy path,
Recalling the voice of thy fathers: prideful and tender and grave,
Swayed not by horrors or heaven, lofty and slow to wrath;
Those who have come before thee, and those thou hast come to save.
Upholding the fate of thy children--those who will follow thy way--
For the faith of the fallen is on thee; the hope of the little ones, thine.
Be therefore, my brethren, steadfast; look to the stars for thy sign.
Unafraid of the darkness, flawless and fearless by day,
Thou who terror has touched not, whom riches can never sway;
Be thou, therefore, blood brother--and let the world obey! 

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