1/3 brownies

This recipe courtesy of a friend of mine who doesn’t believe in chemicals, and the fact that all the other measuring cups were in the sink.

– Turn oven on to 350ish. Prep a fairly small pan, because one single mother and a two and five year old aren’t going to eat that much brownies, are they?

– 1/3 c sugar (sugar is not a chemical, yes?)
– 1/3 c carob powder (cocoa powder would work, of course, if these were cursed CHEMICAL brownies, but you might need to throw some salt in there to taste, and up the vanilla)
– 1/3 c carob chips, but doubling it wouldn’t actually hurt.
– 2/3 c flour
– 1/3 c egg whites
– 1/3 c almond milk (mental note: do not tell G that it was store-bought almond milk.)
– splash of vanilla extract (mental note: do not tell G it was *imitation* vanilla.)

– Mix all ingredients.
– Pour into pan.
– Bake for about thirty minutes? I dunno, I checked and it was sizzling because the carob chips apparently melt instead of burning like chocolate chips do.
– Carefully cut into pieces and arrange, artistically, on a plate to hide the fact that you quality-control checked about….one third of it…