“Do you happen to recall if __ keeps her records in a computer system like…what’s her name…the spaniels lady.”
“The spaniels lady…”
“With the Cocker Spaniels and the attitude.”
“Oh, E!”

[Have you ever seen an ostrich defecate up close? Yeah, I thought not.]

Shadow and Bone? I started to watch it and then I think I watched like three minutes of it and then I was like, ‘this is stupid’ and I turned it off. I think I was in a grumpy mood that day. But that guy in it is good-looking.”
“He is hot. Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian? Hot. Ben Barnes as whats-his-name, the Darkling? Hot. Ben Barnes as anything? Hot. He is my type, alllll the way down.”
“….I’m gonna have to give that another shot, aren’t I.”
“Watch it for Ben Barnes’ butt.” [direct quote]

“So what do you actually do with the ostrich?”
“Right now we mostly look at him.”