as you wish

Someone knocked on the door.

It was Jurt. He had the scanner box under his arm and a fishy expression on his face. I relaxed my shoulders and nodded at him, and made eye contact, and waited for him to speak.

He said, “I’ve put the ‘Bird in one of the outbuildings. It’s out of sight, at least.”

“Good. Thank you. Would you like a sandwich?” Ha. See how I triumph over you, monkey brain.

Jurt stopped eyeballing the inside of my bedroom. He glanced down. He blinked. “No, I thank you.”

“Okay then.” I said, “I want you to check over our security system and see if we’re compromised anywhere. The red console in the den downstairs. Last door on the right. The passcode is pi to the eighth digit, entered in reverse order.”

Jurt had been looking at me very intently. He waited a couple of breaths after I finished speaking–one, why? and two, annoying–then he said, “Very well.”

Sam and I both sat there, hearing him go down the hallway, pause at the top, and then start down the stairs. They creaked under his weight.

I said, “That’s a gamble.”

“Maybe.” Sam said. I looked at him. And then I had to look away. And I wasn’t really sure why.