5 thoughts on “Frazetta Friday – Numenor edition

    1. Hahhhhh, I should have realized that there would an entirely separate gallery of Turner Mohan art on a dedicated Tolkien website.

      I have to admit that Numenor isn’t all that interesting to me in itself–overlords are a lot less sympathetic than underdogs, after all….

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      1. Good lords can be interesting, especially if they go Aragorn style– but I don’t get the inherent “lord thus shiny” that a lot of folks have.

        About the biggest plus is that you can have an expectation of “this guy will have an unpleasant duty that is above and beyond the norm.”

        But the whole “seeing the offspring of your dead brother, who would not be dead if he’d chosen as you had…and the offspring is asking you to help those that your brother chose over you….” Ooh, that rips my heart out.

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      2. I think part of the “thus shiny” might be “power/authority”–thus shiny, thus interesting.

        The best absolute-style rulers, IMO, are characters who, Lord Vetinari-style, give orders, and/or advice, and only very occasionally lay the hammer down with absolute precision when needed. Having Lord Vetinari as a protagonist would be another kettle of worms entirely–going back to your “this guy has a tough unpleasant duty that he must constantly go above and beyond for.” It’s harder to write those guys. But it can be done. Dorothy Dunnett’s Thorfin/Macbeth, from King Hereafter also comes to mind.

        Just about every character in Tolkien’s universe has a tragic backstory, and the ones who don’t have a tragic front-story….

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