Readlist: hope springs eternal

A fistful of dynamite

The Ascent of Wonder – SF anthology edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. I remembered this collection as containing some of my favorite stories–as well as quite a few that I just didn’t bother to read. Not sure where it was first acquired…I have a vague memory of the Father of Skaith picking it up at a library sale, or something, many moons ago. I brought it from home to read through again and try to review after stumbling across someone who had read, meticulously reviewed….and absolutely despised it. I will agree with the aforementioned blogger inasmuch as the editors’ notes are actually kind of insufferable. Personally, I simply never read them, but to each their own.

Ti’s Toys – James H. Schmitz – The original collection of stories Baen later re-collected and published as T n’ T: Telzey and Trigger. It’s a little bit interesting from the POV that these stories are all “sequels” set after Telzey and Trigger’s Big Stand-Alone Stories (Lion Game and Legacy)–so both heroines are, in their circles, fairly well known as problem solvers.

So they get handed problems to solve.

– That’s about it for the readlist. My kindle, after many years of faithful service, has finally decided to fritz out: the down key no longer works, or will downshift multiple pages at a time (“How old is that poor baby!?”)

Watchlist: currently, I’m watching youtube paracord whipmaking tutorials….