Readlist: hope springs eternal

A fistful of dynamite

The Ascent of Wonder – SF anthology edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. I remembered this collection as containing some of my favorite stories–as well as quite a few that I just didn’t bother to read. Not sure where it was first acquired…I have a vague memory of the Father of Skaith picking it up at a library sale, or something, many moons ago. I brought it from home to read through again and try to review after stumbling across someone who had read, meticulously reviewed….and absolutely despised it. I will agree with the aforementioned blogger inasmuch as the editors’ notes are actually kind of insufferable. Personally, I simply never read them, but to each their own.

Ti’s Toys – James H. Schmitz – The original collection of stories Baen later re-collected and published as T n’ T: Telzey and Trigger. It’s a little bit interesting from the POV that these stories are all “sequels” set after Telzey and Trigger’s Big Stand-Alone Stories (Lion Game and Legacy)–so both heroines are, in their circles, fairly well known as problem solvers.

So they get handed problems to solve.

– That’s about it for the readlist. My kindle, after many years of faithful service, has finally decided to fritz out: the down key no longer works, or will downshift multiple pages at a time (“How old is that poor baby!?”)

Watchlist: currently, I’m watching youtube paracord whipmaking tutorials….

6 thoughts on “Readlist: hope springs eternal

      1. I’m a kindle man myself. I have a first gen Oasis. I have to have buttons on my ereader. No screen touching for me.
        I don’t know anything about the latest generation of the Oasis, so I don’t know how it holds up to the other lineups of Kindle.

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      2. I’ve never dealt with pdf’s except on my computer. I hang out at the Calibre forums on Mobileread and the creator of Calibre has pretty much told people they’re on their own using his program if they want to use pdf.

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