from a certain point of view

“Telzey,” Jurt said.

I looked over at him.

“Mororra became a great king of men. He made laws, and waged wars, and conquered many lands. Men fled before his legions, or bowed before his throne, or followed after his banner. None were his equal. Nourali became a fierce queen of Hell: she crossed from realm to realm in a chariot made of lightning. The Earth shook at her passage. Men went mad who beheld her beauty.

“Such was the power and terror of these two that all the kings and princes of the earth joined in a mighty alliance against them for fear of the legions of Morrora, and for dread of the servants of Nourali.

“But the king Morrora and the queen of storms made parley with each other, saying,

‘Let us make our own alliance against the kings of Earth. Who fears not Morrora when he stands alone? Only Nourali. And only Morrora fears not the Queen of Hell.

‘Let us wed; if in battle, Nourali becomes no more, then Morrora will lead the minions of Hell against the Earth; and if Morrora should die, Nourali will reign over land and Hell. And when we have joined ourselves, let us wage war against all Earth, lest they bring war against us.’

“That war is the battle at the end of the world.”

“Jurt,” I said firmly, “That is not a happy ending.”

“It is for Morrora and Nourali,” he said.