we have spoken

“What were we?”


“What is a slave?”

“To hunt for another, and get no meat. To work for another, and get no gain. To fight for another, and win no glory.”

“What are we?”

“We are free. We are The People. We are not slaves!”

“What is freedom?”

“To hunt for our own gain, and eat of it when we are hungry.”

“To work for our own good, when it pleases us, without whip or chain.”

“To fight when we choose!”

“–where we choose!”

“The spoils are his who is victor! This is freedom!”

“Will we stay free?”

“To our last breath, to our last blood, with our knives broken and our teeth locked in our enemies’ throats!”

5 thoughts on “we have spoken

      1. Sometimes things are just better without context though. Then other people can do all the work of imagining the context and you just have to sit back and bask in their adoration of your cleverness. (seems to be working so far for me anyway. I get loads of adoration 😉 )

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