Readlist: Harry Vincent, you had ONE JOB

85dca8303aefc105db3c1a3eb158a084A sinister force holds New York City’s elite in terror! A mysterious madman known as….The Black Falcon!….is kidnapping and holding millionaires for ransom across the city. He strikes at will, contemptuous of the hunches of NYPD ace, Detective Cardona, and the personal direction of Police Commissioner Weston. Even the chance intervention of celebrated world traveler and big-game hunter, Lamont Cranston, barely disrupts and does not even foil his dastardly abductions!

In fact, the menacing mind of the supercriminal is quick to grasp that Lamont Cranston is The Shadow! And thus, plans his most daring and most astounding coup yet–the kidnapping for ransom of…Lamont Cranston!

Caught, threatened by gunfire and with his guests’ lives at stake, the eccentric millionaire has no choice other than to go quietly! He is taken, like the other victims, to a remote hideaway. Of course, instant news of the capture is communicated to Burbank, but with their chief gone, who will direct his agents? All hope lies on the one man placed in readiness, the one man with the record of faithful service, the one free agent of The Shadow standing by: Harry Vincent! We, the readers, know of the dedication and prowess of men who serve The Shadow’s cause of justice! We know their selflessness, their expertise, their….

….Harry Vincent gets spotlighted and whacked with a sap within half a chapter of his appearance. Great job, Harry. Why does he even keep you around?

Rated: That Lamont Cranston’s a quiet sort of chap, isn’t he?

12 thoughts on “Readlist: Harry Vincent, you had ONE JOB

  1. Good ol’ Harry Vincent. After some of your other posts I knew he wouldn’t let us down by doing an exemplary job. Makes me wonder how many bumps to the noggin he’s taken so far in the series….

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      1. DUDE IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN! Am I being trolled here? I’m being trolled here. The Shadow doesn’t even bother to UNTIE him while they’re all skinning out of Dodge in hot pursuit of the escaping crooks! HE LITERALLY JUST PICKS HIM UP AND THROWS HIM IN THE CAR ALONG WITH CLIFF MARSLAND. Well played, Maxwell Grant. Well played.

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