or spoken

“I don’t know which is the one you need….this one says Ryders. Is that you?”
“I actually am Riders. I’m a different Riders, though. But that’s the one I need.”

“Okay, let’s just let it go under, ‘don’t let me catch you doing this again.’ Because if you’re gonna screw up, at least do something new and interesting next time.”

“Come on, guys, let’s go on outside and go chase squirrels and rabbits and any other kind of stupid thing….”

“I was having a pretty good day until you reminded me I had another birthday coming up.”
“That was my purpose!”

“[–] The animal control guy is a deputy or something with the police department, maybe. He had a badge.”
“T has a badge, but he’s not with the PD. He’s just animal control.”
“Well, he had a gun, too. Could’a been his own personal gun, of course.”
“T has a taser.”
“He had a haircut, too.”
“T has a haircut….”