Or in writing

“Well, we resolved that one thing with the other person. We gave her what she wanted and admitted that we were right.”

“Aaaah! Die! Die!” [attempts to kill spider on the exterior of car window with foot.]

“Your car is infested with spiders!”
“Are you sure you didn’t just bring them with you?”

“You might need to hire some more barn cats, ‘cuz these ain’t doing their job.”

“Well, he didn’t say ‘Papillons.’ He said, ‘the French dogs that look like underfed chihuahuas.'”


“Turn, Jalra!” A harsh voice challenged.

Jalra spun, the downward executioner’s strike flowing into a high hanging guard. The line of his men had broken open, and the light of the torches streamed in. A tall knight stood in the gap, his face and his features blending into the shadows he cast. Only the long, heavy sword in his hand shone clearly.

Both blades flashed as they leapt to strike.