Caroline Furlong considers the element of darkness

–in a very well put-together Substack column discussing The Shadow and The Dark Knight, their similarities, their literary and mythological underpinnings, and their (when you line them up and compare them, after all) quite evident differences. Of course, it’s never a matter of one being inferior to the other or one being superior.

Of course not….

via TheShadowcastKnows twitter (aka Raz0rfist)

4 thoughts on “Caroline Furlong considers the element of darkness

      1. Thought you would like the link, since he’s having a Shadow-inspired character appear in the series! I’m looking forward to reading that book when it comes out. πŸ˜€

        I know the passion of defending my favorite characters even if there’s nothing to ACTUALLY argue about, too! Your comments are always welcome and very insightful. They’re also a big help in a lot of ways – keep ’em coming! :thumbsup:

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