forty and plumb

“Hi, this is Riders. So I went to where the road turns right, and I turned left–”
“–and I went across the cattleguard, and now there’s another fork in the road–”
“–and there’s a tree here….and there’s a guy coming at me in a four-wheeler.”
“That’s the husband.”

“Personal new low: I lost my notebook this time.”

“Where’re you headed out next?”
“Well, somewhere I’m hoping it’s not flooded out.”
“Forty and Plumb, huh?”
“Out in the back forty and plumb nowhere?”

5 thoughts on “forty and plumb

    1. One of my regular business acquaintances likes to wander up and start expounding on his right to keep and bear arms. Which I also firmly support, but next time he does I’m going to ask him some pointed questions as to whether he supports *my* rights to do the same.

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