Fandom News: Wait, what? Edition


I probably should not find it amusing, but I find it rather amusing that Sarah J. Maas’ work has finally been decisively and meaningfully placed in it’s rightful category: “shameful,” “morbid,” “patently offensive,” and “[…]taken as a whole, [b] lacks serious [c] literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

That being said, banning books is rarely a good idea. Almost the entirety of my preferred genres (scifi and fantasy) were barred from my mother’s house during my youth. The only thing this accomplished was make me and the siblings get very, very good at smuggling and hiding them. A sufficiently determined kid will be able to read whatever he or she wants, and if they want to read (honestly) a badly-written YA fantasy romance novel, then fine.


Apparently, and unless this trailer is fake, some absolute moron has decided to remake that timeless and much-…..liked…classic of 80s fantasy cinema, Willow

I SPY: NO Madmartigan, NO Sorsha, NO Eborsisk, and one elderly woman with a sword. UGH. OH AND NO PICTSIES.