unwilling to remember

A palace was never truly silent nor still, but there was quiet and long-shadowed dimness in the high gatehouse. The ambassador himself was currently ringed by utter silence, and appeared unconcerned by it. He leaned on one long hand, and looked down towards the lands he had fled once before, a thin smile fading on his lips.

Those who were around him shared uneasy glances. He had proven embarassingly willing to remember that the king’s nephew held only the title of Duke, and had not been presented to the Council as heir; and that there was a king’s son, too, who wtill lived. That the king’s son had forsaken his people meant nothing to Moratha; that he had forgotten them, was answered only by a slight smile. He was a young man and he was strong; he had grown to manhood among proud and dangerous people, and he had learned of them, said Moratha.

He had said this in the presence of the king’s daughter.