no, I don’t know when I’m going to read them, either

They were free on the library free bookshelf, OKAY?

  • The Sands of Mars – Arthur C. Clarke
  • Cheaper by the Dozen – Gilbreth & Carey (do I have a copy of this already? Whatever, it free.)
  • Julius Caesar – Shakespeare
  • The Canterbury Tales – Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Homeworld – Harry Harrison
  • Tales from the “White Hart” – Arthur C. Clarke

Not actually free, but only 50 cents was

  • The Children of Hurin – Tolkien

That’ll learn me to play hooky, I guess. Send help.


18 thoughts on “no, I don’t know when I’m going to read them, either

  1. Last month our library cleaned house of all their graphic novels/comic book magazines. I got about forty of them at 50 cents a pop. And these are the deluxe editions that go for $20-$30 new. I had to struggle to carry them home but now I have a basement filled with comics.

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      1. And she’ll be spoken strongly to at the appropriate time. Right now we’re discussing you.

        Do you have anything to say in your defense? Like a date when you will reveal your stacks of books? That would go a long way towards making the judge go soft on you.

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      2. When I get my library built I will posting lots of pics, don’t worry. But that’s a project that’s a few years away . . .

        In the meantime, you get bins.

        Speaking of which, where are Ryder’s bins?

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      3. I’ve been wondering about Rider’s bins as well. She seems very secretive about them, especially if she has nothing to hide!

        Binstamania is sweeping the globe as we speak. Pretty soon we’ll have to start our own religion or something…

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