bloody hell

So I just bought:

  • Timestorm – Gordon R. Dickson (one of the very formative books of my reading career)
  • The Demon Breed – James H. Schmitz
  • Majyk by Design – Ester Friesner
  • Thieves Carnival / The Jewel of Bas – Karen Hober/Leigh Brackett
  • JRRTolkien’s:
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • The Silmarillion

Oh, and they also gave me

  • some animated movie called “Mosely” which I devoutly hope is suitable for four-year-olds to watch, otherwise I’m going to be in trouble.

7 thoughts on “bloody hell

  1. and looking up Mosley, I come away with this interpretation.
    A new zealand dinosar thingy abandons his pregnant girlfriend because he wants to be free. He looks for other loose moral minded dino’s and leads humans to the center of the rebellion.

    I think you’ve picked a winner! I’d put Ferngully up against this though….

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  2. Also, are we just trying to make a film / book out of every possible combination of “The Demon ” + word ending in -‘eed’?

    Now I kind of want to find “The Demon Weed”, about a killer plant, and the “The Demon Lead” about a salesman who ends up chasing the prospect from Hell…literally!

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    1. My friend, if you have not read James Schmitz, proceed directly to BAEN and do so. “The Demon Breed” was also published as “The Tuvela” and won either a Hugo or a Nebula back in the day when those things meant something.

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