Overheard: mmmmostly

“Two hundred and five questions, M? How many trees did you kill!?”

“How did the exam go?”
“Oh, you left before we got to the grammar section!”
“Oh….Darn it!! My favorite bit!!”

“Oh, she was like, doing everything she could to push my buttons, but I kept my cool. Mostly.”

“She was like, trying to imply that all of us down here are just hillbillies….”
[audience] “Well….”
[audience] “I mean…”
[audience] “She’s not wrong…”

“Smells like city hall.”

“[…] Cuba.”
“Kooba!” (this happened multiple times)

“I mean, we’re on a little country road. What could happen?”
“Uh, spoken like someone who has never watched any horror movie, ever.”
“No…I am the terror in the night.”
“Hah, that’s exactly what my brother would say. He is just super into the ‘I am the darkness‘ and being a villain and all that.”
“He’s single.”

“Hey, she called us ‘young ladies.'”
“Yeah, I’ll take whatever I can get.”