“Well, I got suspended from TV TROPES,”
“Oh, wow, how did that happen?”
“They didn’t like it when I said it was hilarious that Galadriel tried to swim from Valinor to Middle-Earth.”
“She what?”
“She dives off the boat that is taking her to Valinor and tries to swim back. I put it in the funny page and they didn’t like it.”
“….and they suspended you for that?”
“Well, what got me suspended is when I put it back again when they took it down. They didn’t like it. And they took it down right away, too. They were monitoring it very closely.”
“They didn’t think it was funny?”
“They said it was supposed to be dramatic, and therefore I couldn’t put it in the funny category. The funny category is supposed to be subjective, by the way, so they had no business changing it. They did it purely to protect the page. The Rings of Power pages are about, like, a tenth of the size of the House of the Dragon pages, and it’s because they won’t let anyone post anything except positives, and no one really wants to post anything positive for Rings of Power.”
“Don’t they post positive things?”
“There’s nothing good to say about it! They don’t really care about it, either. They really don’t, they can’t. They just want to control the information about it.”
“Huh. Do they work like Wikipedia?”
“I dunno, I don’t care enough to find out.”
“You have been on TV TROPES for a long time.”
“Yeah, well…”
“Well, you can change your IP, change your login name and get back to work in the trope mines.”
“Yeah, no, joke’s on them, I have blocked TV TROPES so I can’t get to it anymore. Except on my phone.”