Or Spoken

“So–hang on, where’d my notebook go?”
“Probably the same place as all your clipboards. Boom! Heh, I gotcha there!”

“I’m taking off from the 10th to the 14th.”
“Oh, extending your holiday weekend?”
“Yup. I’m going to Disney.”
[double-take] “What.”
“I am not going to Disney.”

“Soooo….do I have to stop and talk to these people?”
“I would.”
“Oh…kay then.”
“Try waving your badge around, it might help.”
“Oh yeah, right. I’ll wear the sunglasses, too.”


14 thoughts on “Or Spoken

  1. Jim told me to tell you that he doesn’t like The Fuzz. And anyone with a badge and sunglasses are The Fuzz. He’s threatening to requisition a new rock. I’m trying to talk him down, but you know space bureaucrats….

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