[dictating into phone] ” ‘I suspect meth, D said he smelled alcohol.'”
[from the passenger seat] “The what now?”
“Just texting S back….oh, it didn’t send. Probably for the best.”

“Gimme one sec, I’ve got a naked baby.”


“How are you doing today?”
“I’m breathing, walking and working. So I guess I’m OK. Until I get my two billion dollars…then I’m moving to a country with no extradition.”

“Yeah, I had a long talk with R….not sure how much of it he heard….or wanted to listen to.”
“Yeah,  he hears what he wants to hear.”
“How old is he?”
“I think he’s one hundred and forty-seven.”
“Sounds about right.”

“….and then you got Dr. H up north. What an asshole.”

“Do you drink?”
“I would drink heavily before I go up there.”


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