Or spoken: CaAaAaaT

“I’m gonna give him a minute to put his shirt on.”

“The cat lady I knew got sick, sold all her cats, and died.”
“And in that order, too, which was nice.”

“From the outside, you’d hardly even know she’s a cat lady!”

“Recepticle. Recept…”
” ‘a.’ It’s like tentacle, but different.”

“That is one persistent kitty.”
“He’s got a really big motor, too!”

“Sorry, B, if I scream at you it’s because my computer is–ARGH IT’S STILL DOING IT.”
“Shoot it. Or put it in a bucket of water.”
“You are not helping.”
“Put it in a bucket of water and then shoot it.”

“I don’t know why we have to clean up things for these people who can’t even die properly.”


Then the winds awoke in vengeance,
Traitors, but to treason faithful
Like hounds lept, let loose from leashes
Or like hunting hawks were driving;
After fleet prey they were speeding:
After hare the hounds were chasing,
On the sparrow were they plunging.
On the shore and in the waters
Under sky the sea was rising
And its head was lifting higher:
Nine great waves had risen wrathful—
Mighty children of the Sea—
Ad the ninth of them rose highest,
And the last of them was greatest:
Jarnnsaxa, Ninth-Begotten,
Iron-Bearer of the Sea.

Iron brought she from the oceans,
From the deepest ocean carried
From the far abyss recovered,
From the deep-delved caverns brought it;
Iron cast she to the shores;
On the sandy shores she set it;
On the broken shores she brought it
To the peoples gave she Iron:
Gave to warlike kindreds sword-blades;
To the feuding kindreds, arrows;
To the weeping, she gave ingots;
To the vengeful, she gave steel.
Then the best of them were heroes
And the worst of them were wolves;
Then the greatest got them kingdoms,
And the lesser served as slaves.
Fell swords made and cast them heedless
For the strongest hand to seize them—
Black swords called to black hearts going—
Made for Elfe, thrice-drowned, the Rider,
Shining spear with heavy handle;
Many heroes gave their helpmeet--
Iron arms and shining armor—
Many more received their bane,
If the dark swords met a greater
Or the black swords’ might was broken:
In the wolf’s-feast, served as poison
And the ravens got their gain;
And the iron shards, well-reddened,
Washed away to join the sea.