Or Spoken:

“The FBI made me a job offer once.”
“Get out of here.”
“No, I’m serious, I have a psychology degree–“
“No, no, I meant, actually, get out my car.”

“See, that’s when Dr. C started walking away.”
“–I was trying not to run, because I was hoping you wouldn’t run, because I didn’t want you to leave me behind!”

“Well, renewal season is coming up, D, so you’re gonna have to strap on–oh God no, uh, I mean strap in, strap in, not strap-on…”

“Hi, I’m Riders, none of the previous jobs I have worked at have ever burned to the ground except one, I have loved every place I have ever worked at.”
“That’s really great to know…”
“What happened to the other one….?”
“I was not involved, I wasn’t even there.”

“That car’s license plate just said ‘mommy.'”
“Oh. Huh.”
“I wonder if her husband’s licence plate says ‘daddy.'”