Midjourney: Redwall

“a mouse in armor, carrying a sword, detailed, smooth, pencil drawing”
“a badger in armor and cloak, crown, carrying an axe, detailed, smooth, pencil drawing”
Okay, so success varies.
“an otter, robin hood cap with feather, shooting a bow and arrows, detailed, smooth, pencil drawing, riverside background”
success varies WIDELY.

13 thoughts on “Midjourney: Redwall

      1. It’s okay, it happens! πŸ˜€ He’s from Kate CiCamillo’s “The Tale of Despereaux,” which they made into an animated feature. Matthew Broderick was Despereaux, Emma Watson (Hermione) was Princess Pea, and Dustin Hoffman was Roscuro. The book is better than the film in many ways, but it wasn’t a *bad* movie, I think.

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