Or written…DiStInGuIsH

“However, I was unable to find a class entitled ‘how to distinguish emergencies from non-emergencies.'”

“So S comes rolling up with his oxygen tank and his hospice nurse and some dude in the back seat smoking–“
“That’s a good one. And because it’s a real story, no one’s going to believe it.”

“I hate people.”

“Short answer: haha, no, I really hope not. Longer answer….no. Please, dear God no. Noooo…..that was the entire point of this exercise to not have to.”

“Cats are funky.”

“I thought he was cute there for a second, but then he turned around and he’s like really derpy.”

“Can we get out through this parking lot?”
“Maybe? People have to get out of the Taco Bell somehow….”
“Oh. Nope.”
“No….but look how nice and smooth we’re pulling into the Starbucks driveway…”


2 thoughts on “Or written…DiStInGuIsH

  1. This short story paints a vivid and humorous picture of everyday life with its relatable and relaying dialogue. The use of real-life scenarios adds to the believability of the characters and their struggles. The author’s wit and sarcasm are showcased throughout the story, making it an enjoyable and lighthearted read. The ending leaves a satisfying note with the smooth drive into the Starbucks driveway. A great piece that captures the essence of everyday banter and the small moments of life.

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