Frazetta Friday – Battle stars

The real deal is always special.


11 thoughts on “Frazetta Friday – Battle stars

  1. I had the very paperback that this was the cover for, which was a novelization of one of the 1978 show’s two-parters (it may have even been broadcast originally as a movie special in the States but was a two-parter in syndication and when aired over here in the UK). It was the story of the ice planet with a big gun on it that the Cylon’s could use to destroy the passing Galactica (I think the episodes were titled ‘The Gun on Ice-Planet Zero) . One of the strongest BSG storylines and better episodes.

    What Frazetta was doing painting the cover I have no idea. Can’t believe he needed the money, but he did dabble in movie posters and the movie business so that’s probably how it came about. Its a good painting (Frazetta never phoned anything in) and it looked pretty splendid as a paperback. Those were the days though, being able to buy new paperbacks with Frazetta art on the cover.

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