Midjourney upscales


15 thoughts on “Midjourney upscales

      1. I served my time (first one was like 2 years, then the most recent was just a month or three) so I’m a free man again. And I’m really, really, really trying to keep my mouth shut on the forums. It’s hard though!

        Yeah, I don’t like it. Of course, it does sound like they’re going to monetize it once they get it working right, so I don’t know what that is going to mean for us real people.

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    1. Eh. #3 was kind of the best of a bad lot. Upscaling improved the suit, drawing texture, and overall details, but the face and hands got a lot worse.

      Really, technically speaking my super is more of an Irish Wolfhound than a Corgi, but MidJourney doesn’t seem to know what an Irish Wolfhound is. It kept spitting out things that were a lot closer to Irish Terriers….

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