Or spoken: Matcha….

“So I’m doing morning smoothies instead of morning coffee.”
“Oh, how’s that going?”
“Aheheh, okay. I see.”

“So you’re saying I need to move my car to a position of plausible deniability?”
“Uh, yeah.”

‘S stated that he and his bolt cutters could be ready within a few hours’ notice, if so required.’

“I wanna get ripped! I just don’t wanna put in the work for it…”

“–and then he meets a guy like, for real called ‘Evangelist!'”


8 thoughts on “Or spoken: Matcha….

      1. I was just wracking my brain trying to think of some character in a comic who was named Evangelist, but all I could think of was PP. I blame a classical education for this travesty on my brain’s part…

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